Wall protection

Wall protection

Wall padding for gyms

Wall padding is very useful in gyms as it can be used to cover certain surfaces that could otherwise prove dangerous to those working out. Wall padding is an efficient way of guarding against potential accidents and injuries, particularly when there are children involved.
During games, athletes often collide or are accidentally pushed into gym walls or columns. To avoid nasty accidents, we advise fitting your gym with the appropriate padding on walls, columns and any other pointed areas that could prove dangerous.

In addition to supplying a full range of sports equipment, Artisport also aims to ensure that all sporting activities are carried out in a totally safe environment. For school gyms and sports halls where afternoon sports courses for children are held, it is important to install wall padding to make sure our budding sportsmen and women don't come to any harm. A safe environment is one where playing sport is fun and involves no unnecessary risks.

Choose the most suitable wall padding for every gym

Our wall padding is available for both regular walls and columns and is made from high-density polyethylene coated with coloured, non-toxic PVC. It is made from fireproof material (fire resistance class 1 certified). Our wall padding is around 2 cm thick, scratch-proof and easy to maintain, with surfaces that are quick and simple to clean. All our padding is certified in line with the BS EN 913 standard.

For columns, we recommend L-shaped padding which covers the corners, making them much safer.
The various types of padding can be applied directly to the wall using a specific adhesive suitable for fixing. The result is a wall that is permanently protected and stands the test of time.
We want our customers to be fully satisfied, so in addition to simply delivering our products, we also take care of installing them on site. We aim to make sure everything is perfect: our technicians are trained to set up any space dedicated to sport and to carry out any kind of task with precision.


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Wall protection made of high density polyethylene covered with colour pvc, thickness mm.22, scratchproof, no-toxic, fireproof class 1.Certificate in reference at UNI EN 913.


Wall protection for outisde use made of high density polyethylene covered with colour pvc, thickness mm.20, scratchproof, no-toxic. Certificate in reference at UNI EN 913.


“L” profile for protection edges column, dimensions cm. 8x8x2 thick., height cm. 200


Glue for fixing wall and column protections.


Eyelets for wall / column protections