5-a-side football - Minisoccer

5-a-side football - Minisoccer

Soccer doors and nets

For the optimal setting up of a five-a-side football field, whether in a gym or outdoors, it is necessary that the equipment is of excellent quality. The soccer doors that you can find in the catalog of Artisport are made of steel and are treated with paints resistant to time and weather.

Can be installed in various surfaces. If the installation is to be carried out on turf, the five-a-side doors must be equipped with sockets to be buried for greater anchorage. For interior and exterior flooring it is more practical to use transportable structures, so that they can be removed when they are no longer needed.

All doors from soccer are made taking into account the regulatory specifications and are TUV certified according to UNI EN 749. The soccer nets are sold separately, they are made of nylon and with a knotless processing. They are easily fixed to the doors by means of net supports and anchoring hooks.

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Transportable steel futsal goals m 3x2


Futsal ball in synthetic leather n. 4.


Steel futsal goals m.3x2 with ground sleevs


Futsal ball in blow rubber UTL 41, weight gr. 320, according to F.I.G.C.


Transportable aluminium futsal goals m.3x2


5-a-side ball in synthetic rubber n. 4 diam. cm 19,5, weight gr. 360.


Aluminium futsal goals with ground sleeves, m.3x2


Mini-soccer ball Soft Trial, for indoor futsal pitches, diam. cm 21, gr. 420.


transportable steel  futsal goals, m.4x2


Low bounce ball, n.4, in PU, for amateur futsal competition.


Steel futsal goals with ground sleeves, m.3x2


Mini-soccer ball in synthetic rubber diam. cm 18 n. 3 , weight gr. 300.