Discus throwing

Discus throwing

Discus throwing: the best equipment in the catalog

Among the various disciplines of athletics, the discus throw has ancient origins. This specialty was born first as a male competition, then more recently it was introduced in the female category.

The athlete who intends to try his hand at the discus throw must ensure a certain physicality in such a way as to ensure the right balance, and avoid being dragged by the weight during the last stages of competitions. The goal of the discus throw is, as in throwing of the hammer, the achievement of the maximum possible distance of the disc through a run-up and the release of the tool during the final stage. 

The exercise is performed on a circular platform, surrounded by a cage that serves as a protection for spectators, coaches and other athletes from a possible incorrect throw.
The tool that is launched is characterized by circular shape, wooden core with metal coating and crown. For the regular participation in competitions of discus throw, there are some characteristics that the disc must respect, otherwise the athlete will be disqualified.
Female discus throw: the weight of the disc in this case will be 1 kg, the diameter of 18 cm and a thickness of 3.7 cm.
Male discus throw: considering in this case the greater power and physicality, the weight of the disc will rise to 2 kg, for a diameter of 21.9 cm and a thickness of 4.4 cm.

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Particular soft rubber discus, 0.5 kg, diam. 18.5 cm. Suitable for training and indoor use.


Soft rubber discus, 0.75 kg, Ø 18.5 cm. Suitable for training.


Soft rubber disc, diameter cm. 22, weight 2 kg.


Nylon discus with steel rim, weight kg.1


Nylon discus for discus throwing kg.0,750


Plastic discus with iron ring, kg. 1,5. Approved to IAAF.


Plastic discus with steel ring, kg. 1,75. Approved to IAAF specifications.


Trasportable discus rack, in painted steel.