High jump

High jump

High jump, training equipment and accessories

The high jump is a discipline of athletics practiced both at the female and at the male level. Sport from ancient origins, the high jump is still one of the most followed disciplines at national and international level.
The equipment needed for the training of the high jump is not much, but essential are quality and certification of the same. Artisport in its catalog offers a complete range for the high jump. You can find: pairs of homologated standings, limit crossbar in steel or aluminum and mattresses for the hight jump in different sizes. 

What is the test of high jump? The exercise is passed only when the athlete succeeds, making a jump and detaching from the ground with a single foot, to pass the crossbar positioned at a certain height. To increase the difficulty and win important prizes, the goal is to increase the height of the crossbar, usually 2, 3 or 5 cm, and pass it without ever dropping or touching it with a body part. At the third error the athlete is eliminated.

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Pair of upright jumpers for high jump consisting of vertical upright in galvanized steel with centimeter indication, millimetric height adjustment cursors, ground base in painted steel with adjustable feet. Height adjustment up to 250 cm.


Pair of high jump stands for competition made of aluminum, with telescopic adjustment system; high stability painted steel base with wheels for transport. W.A. approved


Pair of uprights for high jump, in zinced steel, quadrangular section, T shaped base, provided with metal measuring system in centimetres attached to the bar rest, height cm 250, graduation by periscopical system with incorporated cursor.


Limit crossbar in steel tubing for high jump, round section, lenght m. 4.


Limit crossbar in aluminium for high jump, round section, lenght m. 4.


Limit crossbar for the high jump in made of fibreglass length cm. 400, yellow color. W.A approved


Polyethylene crossbar for high jump, lenght m. 4.


Jump tester m. 3, immediate readout complete with bag.


High jump landing surface h.60, in foam rubber, covering in PVC


High jump landing surface made in PVC measures cm 600x350x60 h


Rubber mattress cut 45 degrees, covering in coloured pvc, zipper closure