Paddle court: all the necessary equipment

A sport that in recent years has depopulated anywhere in Europe, il Paddle. A new version of the tennis very popular among young people and beyond. But let’s see what this sport and the equipment that a paddle court needs. 

A paddle court is slightly smaller than the tennis court, generally less than half, but always split in two by a net, which serves as a division between the two opposing teams.
The characteristic that differentiates paddle tennis from "classic" tennis is the delimitation of the field with high side walls that allow, as per regulation, the rebound on them of the ball to facilitate the referral to opponents. 

In addition to a well-equipped paddle court, with regular facilities and nets, for paddle tennis you will need padle, smaller, flat and not strung like tennis rackets, and a ball that can be much softer than the classic ones. Equipment such as padel bats and balls, can be rented directly in the field or players can use their own.

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Pair of paddle facility protection in rubber foam cm.5, with covering in PVC, velcro closing