Basketball accessories

Basketball accessories

Basketball accessories for gyms and playgrounds

For a complete training or a real match simulation, a gym needs numerous basketball accessories.
Basketball accessories both for the field, but also to support the staff dedicated to the management of the game and the team. In the Artisport catalogue you will find numerous basketball accessories, for a complete and high quality supply for your gym.

For the definition of the playing areas and the perimeter of the field, especially in outdoor environments, we provide colored tapes in PVC of different colors for greater strength and customization of the field.

There are also basketball accessories ideal for the coach and then the management of the game and the team. For example we have different models of magnetic board basket, complete with checkers and sets for writing.

There are also other basketball access ideal for the management of the game or basketball training, such as table stopwatches, electronic or manual indicators for ball possession, 24-second paddles for judges, column or table scoreboards, mini-compressors to restore the correct parameters of basketball balls and containers for storage of balls.

Artisport has been involved in the construction and supply of the best sports equipment for gyms and playgrounds for more than thirty years. 

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Table stopwatch for basketball, Ø of dial 13 cm, two hands, minutes and seconds. Hanhart model.


Digital stopwatch for judges table, multifunction.


Set of paddles for basketball Officials, 5 numbered and 2 in red colour with support base in painted wood.


Set of signal 6 paddles, 24 seconds for basketball.


Protection under basketball backboards, in coloured polyurethane. In according to F.I.B.A. regulations.


Manual scoreboard for basketball with rotating post, in painted steel, with 6 numerals, immediate change.


Manual scoreboard for basketball on revolving painted steel structure, with 6 plasticized numerals, with the possibility of reading from both sides.


Portable desk manual scoreboard for basketball


Bench for coaches / basketball reserves, steel frame Ø mm 40 and 40x20 painted with epoxy powders, seat and backrest in nateral varnished wood, length m. 3.


Backside protection for coaches/basketball reservees in painted steel structure, 3 mm thick transparent compact polycarbonate cover, non-marking transport wheels.


Wooden stool for player substitution


Manual ball possession indicator.