Electronic scoreboards

Electronic scoreboard for basketball and other sports

During sporting events, it is important that points scored are recorded accurately and uniformly, through a scoreboard. To help with this, Artisport offers its customers a wide range of scoreboards with various features.
Scoreboard can be used for multiple sports. An essential component of such a scoreboard is the monitor. The latter must show in a clear and orderly manner all the information concerning the game, even at a certain distance.
This feature is very important, because easily visible numbers and sharp colours allow spectators to keep track of the score from afar.

Art. E695

Electronic scoreboard basket-volley-futsal

Art. E695/1

Multisport scoreboard

Art. E695/2

Multisport Electronic scoreboard

Art. E695/8

Foul indicators

Art. E695/3

Electronic scoreboard

Art. E695/4

Portable electronic scoreboard

Art. E695/6

Multisport electronic scoreboard with side panels

Art. E695.11

24 seconds indicators kit

Art. E695/9

24 seconds display

Art. E695/C

Control panel of scoreborads

Art. B606

Luminous indicator possession

Art. E695/0

Electronic timer

Art. B608

Perimeter Light for basketball backboards

High-quality materials and cutting-edge technology

Our scoreboards display not only the scores of the home and away teams, but also the game time, timeouts and fouls per team. They use radio transmission with FHSS technology to avoid interference.
Our scoreboards are made from impact-resistant materials – either a sturdy steel or aluminium container – combined with an anti-reflective polycarbonate panel.
All our devices are designed and manufactured in accordance with the applicable standards.

In a single electronic scoreboard you can set different parameters like whether the clock counts down or up, the period times, the overall game time and the noise that signals the end of the game and any intervals.
Each electronic scoreboard that you will find in our catalog is equipped with a simple technology that allows each user to set up and program the various features, even without reading the manual.

Electronic scoreboard and more

To have a complete equipment for the management of a lot may need additional equipment. In our catalogue, in fact, are available, fault detectors, electronic timers, 24-second shot clocks and command console. All the equipment provided by Artisport will be installed by our technicians, who will provide you with useful information to make the best use of the different equipment.

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