Electronic scoreboards

Electronic scoreboards

Electronic scoreboard for basketball and other sports

During sporting events, it is important that points scored are recorded accurately and uniformly, through a scoreboard. To help with this, Artisport offers its customers a wide range of scoreboards with various features.
Scoreboard can be used for multiple sports. An essential component of such a scoreboard is the monitor. The latter must show in a clear and orderly manner all the information concerning the game, even at a certain distance.

This feature is very important, because easily visible numbers and sharp colours allow spectators to keep track of the score from afar.

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Multisport scoreboard suitable for basketball, volleyball, futsal, etc. Key features: Digit height: 15cm. Readability distance: 50m. • Readability angle 150°, Resistant to damage from balls as per DIN 18032-3 and UNI 9554 standards, communication via radio or cable, display of: team scores, game time, timeout, team fouls, period, ball possession, display of the time of the day, Horn, suitable for indoor application, wall mounting. Supplied with brackets, dimensions: 91x60x9.5cm, weight 10.1kg. Displayed functions: Team scores: [0 - 199], Game time: [00:00 - 99:59], Timeout: [3 light indicators per team], Team fouls / Sets won: [0-9], Ball possession/Service/Bonus: [1 light indicator per team], Period: [0 - 9], multisport console, reliable radio communication: by 2.4GHz FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) radio transmission to avoid interferences. Suitable for indoor application, installation instructions in 5 languages. Supplied with bolts and brackets for wall mounting, clock function to display time of the day, also with unplugged console, Time expired horn: 2.9KHz, 95db/2m, suitable for not particularly noisy venues, sturdy powder-coated aluminium case. Polycarbonate front panel power supply: 100-240V 85VA. Adhesive labels: HOME-GUEST, LOCALES-VISITANTES etc.


Multisport scoreboard suitable for basketball, volleyball, Futsal, etc.. Features: viewing distance: 110m for 25cm high digits, 90cm for 20cm high digits, Viewing angle: 150°. Compliant with DIN 18032-3 and UNI 9554:1989 standard on "Resistance to damage from balls". Displayed functions: Game time [00:00 - 99:59]: digits 25cm high, Team scores [0 - 199]: digits 25cm high, Period [0 - 9], multisport console, allows the management of more than 10 sports, 7 "color, multilingual touchscreen display, Rechargeable lithium battery. 2.4GHz radio communication, with FHSS technology (spread spectrum and frequency hopping) to avoid interference caused by others devices, USB port for easy updating of sports regulations, Resistance to falls as per EN-60950 standard for portable equipment, Power supply-charger supplied. Clock function to display the time of day, even with the console disconnected. end time: 2.9KHz, 120db / 1m. Sturdy container in powder-coated aluminium. Front panel in polycarbonate. Power supply: 100-240V 85VA. Adhesive inscriptions: LOCAL-GUESTS, HOME-GUEST, etc. Dimensions: 140x83x9cm, Weight: 22kg


Multisport scoreboard ideal for: Basketball, Volleyball, futsal, Handball, Hockey, Tennis, etc.. Functions displayed: Game time: [00:00 - 99:59], digits 30cm high.Team scores: [0-199], digits 30cm high. Period: [0-9], digit 30cm high. Team fouls / Sets won: [0-9], digits 30cm high. Bonus: [1 light indicator per team], 8cm diameter. Timeout: [3 light indicators per team], 8cm diameter. Possession/Service/Turn: [indicator arrows].Technical Characteristics: Dimensions: 200x180x9cm. Weight: 60kg. Distance and readability angle: 130m 150 degrees, team-names readable up to 90m.Meets F.I.B.A. specifications. No front protection cover required. Complies with DIN 18032-3 and UNI 9554 standards on "resistance to damage from balls." Using the Control Console you can choose different operation modes depending on the sport selected: game and interval time, count back or forward, display last minute tenths of a second, display time of day, etc..The horn can be sounded manually or automatically when the time expires, producing a strong acoustic signal (120dB at 1m) with adjustable duration and intensity. Provided with bolts and brackets for wall mounting. Adhesive labels HOME-GUEST, HEIM-GÄSTE, LOCAUX-VISITEURS LOCALES-VISITANTES. Robust container made from powder-coated aluminium. Front panel made from anti-glare polycarbonate. Supplied with serial cable to connect to the Control console, 60m long. Power supply: 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 210VA. Complete with control console large backlit graphic display, 5.6" (11.5x8.7cm), makes it possible to view all the information on the scoreboards at the same time. USB port. Makes it easy to update the console software using a PC, useful when changing between the rules of one sport and another. Multilingual. All the words and instructions on the display appear in the language selected. Highly reliable membrane keyboard. Strong container made from powder-coated aluminium. Dimensions and weight: 31.5x19x12cm, 1.9kg. Power supply: 12Vdc ±10%, 200mA Max.


Tabletop Portable multisport scoreboard ideal for basketball, volleyball, futsal, water polo, kick-boxing, ping-pong, etc.; Height of digits: 9cm, easily visible for over 30m;Scores: from 0 to 199 per team; Fouls/Sets/Other: from 0 to 9 per team; Possession/Round: 1 luminous point per team; Periods: from 0 to 9;Timeout: 4 luminous points per team; Chronometer: from 00:00 to 99:59. Acoustic signal: automatic to the end of time (if enabled) or manual, with 3 different types of sound and 3 levels of volume; Training mode: programming of sequences "action-pause" by the setting of the Action time, Pause time and Number of sequences; useful for kick-boxing, boxing, fitness environments, etc. CASING: light, resistant and easily transportable; Casing: light, resistant and easily transportable; Console with bright display behind the scoreboard for easy table use with membrane keyboard; Adhesive lables HOME-GUEST, HEIM-GÄSTE, LOCAUX-VISITEURS, LOCALES-VISITANTES; Power supply: is provided with a 100-240V/12Vdc AC Power Adaptor; Dimensions and weight: 55x35x9.5cm, 3.6kg


Multisport scoreboard, with side panels for the number and fouls of 12 players. FIBA ​​approved, level 2. Suitable for: Basketball, 3x3 Basketball, Minibasket, Volleyball, 5-a-side Football, Water Polo, Handball, Netball, Ice Hockey, Hockey Track, Tennis, Ping Pong, Badminton, Boxing, Wrestling, etc. Digit height of the main views: 25cm. Readability distance: 110m for digits 25cm high, 90m for digits 20cm high Visibility angle: 150 ° Display functions: Programmable team names [6 characters per team]: height 16cm. Stopwatch [00:00 - 99:59 ]: figures 25cm high. Team scores [0 - 199]: figures 25cm high. Period [0 - 9, E]: figures 20cm high. Penalty times [0:00 - 9:59] / Team fouls / Set won [0 - 99]: digits 20cm high. Player's jersey number [4 - 15]: fixed, non-modifiable digits, 8.3cm high. Fouls / Penalties [4 luminous points + 1 red]: diameter 2.5cm. Square red on basketball: as per the latest FIBA ​​regulations. Timeout [3 light spots per team]: diameter 2.5cm. Ball possession / Service / Round [1 light spot per team]: diameter 2.5cm. Resistant to ball hits in accordance with DIN 18032-3 and UNI 9554: 1989 "Ball impact resistance test", complete with display console, radio communication takes place at 2.4GHz in FHSS mode with spread spectrum and frequency hopping to avoid interference. Suitable for indoor use. Stopwatch. Using the Control Console, various operating modes can be set depending on the sport selected: game and interval times, count up or down, display of tenths of a second in the last minute of play, display of the time of day , etc .. Clock function to display the time of day, even with the console disconnected. The horn allows the manual and automatic emission, at the end of the time, of a loud acoustic signal [120dB (A) at 1m] adjustable in duration and intensity. Sturdy container in powder-coated aluminum. Front panel in anti-reflective polycarbonate. Power supply: 100-240VAC, 50 / 60Hz, 400VA. Comes with power cord and plug Dimensions and weight: 241x143x9cm, 70kg.


Pair of statistics panels showing the Player No. and Fouls/Penalties of 12 players on the 2 teams, ideal for Basketball, Volleyball, futsal etc..F unctions displayed for each player (12 players per team):Player number: [0-99], digits 15cm high.Fouls/Penalties: [4 indicator lights + 1 red], diameter 3.2cm. Technical characteristics for both panels:Dimensions and weight: 120x260x11.5cm, 68kg. Distance and readability angle: 70m , 150 degrees. No front protection cover required. Complies with DIN 18032-3 and UNI 9554 standards on "resistance to damage from balls". Meets F.I.B.A. specifications. Supplied with serial cable 4m in length to connect to the main electronics scoreboard or on the radio receiver. Robust container made from powder-coated aluminum. Front panel made from anti-glare polycarbonate. Control Console not included. Power supply: 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 145VA.


Pair of 24 second, ideal for basketball, futsal, waterpolo. Functions displayed:24 second shot clock: [0-99], digits 20cm high.Red light: Diameter 8cm. Technical characteristics: Dimensions and weight: 41x29x8.5cm, 6kg for the display panel + 2kg for the 50m cable. Distance and readability angle: 90m, 150 degrees. Complies with DIN 18032-3 and UNI 9554 standards on "resistance to damage from balls".. Supplied with serial cable to connect to the Control Console (console not included) .Robust container made from powder-coated steel, provided with 4 wall brackets and a revolving support stirrup at the base for an easy positioning on the floor.. The horn can be sounded manually or automatically at the end of the 24 seconds, producing a strong acoustic signal (120dB at 1m) with adjustable duration and intensity. The sound of the horn is different from the one made by the game timer. Red light goes on automatically at the end of the game time and the 24 seconds. Power supply: 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 70VA


KIT of 24 seconds, to visualise the 24 seconds and time-out, consists of a console with a keyboard and two display panels. FEATURES: Possibility of modifying attack possession time and time-out from 1 to 99 seconds;20-cm-high figures in red. Visibility: 70m;Handling of the 14 seconds rule (as the latest FIBA regulation); Green light on display indicating the time count in action; End of time period buzzer on each display; Two display connecting cables are supplied: 1 x 20m + 1 x40m;Various cable extension lengths available on request; Possibility of adding two more display panels; Power supply: depending on version, 230Vac or 115Vac, 35VA MAX; Size: 2pz 29,2x30,4x4,4cm +1pz 20x8x12,5cm;Weight: 8.9kg


Fight timer for boxing, spinning, aerobics, kickboxing, taekwondo. FEATURES:5 Timers are available, each one is easily activated by the corresponding key, which can be associated to multiple sporting activities without having to reset the times for every occasion; Various modalities of functioning can be obtained by programming the 4 parameters of every Timer: time of action, of pause, of final pause [0-90 minutes] and number of sequences [0-99];Modality of time count, forwards or backwards; Visualization of the time and number of cycles with numbers that measure 9cm high, easily visible for over 30m;The choice of 2 sounds and 3 levels of intensity for signalling every start/end action; Booking of the automatic start of a Timer at the end of the one currently active, with a considerable increase in the combinations of time counts: for example, a different number of cycles with different durations of action + pause can follow a certain number of cycles of action + pause; Simultaneous functioning of two Timers: the first one has a sound signal and visualizes the times, the second one only has a different sound signal at the beginning-end of every action; this allows to register 2 sporting activities at the same time, such as a boxing meeting and a training sequence; Wall installation fixed with two screws, on request table version; Robust insulated plastic enclosure, without the need of using a ground connection. Provided with a cable and plug; High quality flat membrane keyboard, power supply: 115/230Vac, 50/60Hz, 6VA


Console for 24- and 30-second shot clock panels for article E695/9. Suitable for Basketball and Water Polo.It is used for autonomously commanding only the 24-second shot clocks (for basketball) or the 30-second shot clocks (for water polo). Technical characteristics: Programming of three times [0 ~ 99 s], of one warning of end time [0 ~ 99 s], and of the length of sound [0 ~ 5 s]. Managing times via specific buttons. Correction of time made easier via specific buttons. Panel horn: can be activated manually or automatically at end time, with 5 volume levels that can be adjusted directly from the keyboard. Brightness of the panels can be adjusted to 4 levels directly from the keyboard. Programmable counter direction (forward-backward). Alphanumeric display of all the main information for easy management of the panels: time counter (seconds and tenths), counter direction, loaded time and programmed times, brightness, and horn volume. Language selection for programming menu: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German.Highly reliable membrane keyboard: 5 million operations per key.2 serial data outputs. Two connectors ensure operational continuity in case one of the 2 outputs fails.Strong container made from powder-coated aluminum. Dimensions and weight: 28.5 x 7.5 x 10.5cm, 1.3kg.Power supply: 12Vdc ±10%, 200mA Max.


Alternating possession arrow. Dimensions and weight: 56x23,5x4 cm, 1.7 kg; Distance and readability angle: 90 m (295 ft), 150 degrees; Meets F.I.B.A. specifications; Lights formed by groups of leds (typical life: 100.000 hours!);Robust insulated plastic enclosure, without the need of using a ground connection. Provided with the power cord and plug; Power supply: 100-240 Vac, 50-60 Hz, 40 mA.


Perimeter Light for basketball backboards