Basketball facilities F.I.B.A.

Basketball facilities F.I.B.A.

Statutory basketball systems and F.I.B.A.

For the completion of an essential basketball court is thebasket plant that matches the different needs.

For years, Artisport has been manufacturing and supplying impianti basket both indoor and outdoor, offering a wide choice of models, some of them regulatory with FIBA and TUV certifications. High quality standards, high quality materials and cutting-edge design, guarantee high performance compliance with specific regulations of the discipline both in training and during a competition.

So let’s see what our basket systems.

Base and vertical uprights are generally made of steel with metal hulls customizable in color. Front, side and rear PVC protections for player safety.
Numerous models of basket systems available in the catalog, but in case of special needs contact us to request your custom basketball system. 

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Basketball system RED 15, consisting of a hydraulic electric system with a sturdy base and vertical posts.


MOVE19 is the foldable oleodynamic basketball hoop characterized by functionality that brings joy both to those who play with it and those who need to move it.

B676/ Electrical

Electrical or manual oil-pressure basketball system, FIBA approved. Overhang cm.230


Wall-mounted side folding basketball facility approved F.I.B.A. 2° level consisting of tubular wall frame 100x30 mm with special hinges, tubular protruding trusses section 50x50 mm, support rods diameter 30 mm, rotation pins diameter 20 mm, perimeter frame supporting the backboard with reinforced plate for attacking the basket , positioning slides with special spring pin for automatic search of manual release positions. Structure entirely painted with epoxy powders. The facility is supplied with 12 mm thick tempered glass backboard with safety film, reclining baskets, protections under the basket and nets. Assembly bolts in class 8.8. Standard overhang 325 cm. BASKETBALL FACILITY APPROVED F.I.B.A. 2° LEVEL AND UNI EN 1270 CERTIFICATE


Protection under basketball backboards, in coloured polyurethane. In according to F.I.B.A. regulations.


Frame bright with red led for 24 seconds for basketball backboards.


24 second support over basket