Hammer throwing

Hammer throwing

Equipment for throwing the hammer

The throwing hammer is part of the individual disciplines of athletics. The goal of this sport is to get the most distance from competitors to win the competition.

So let’s see the equipment needed for the throwing hammer.

The protagonist of this discipline is obviously the hammer. The hammer for the throwing of the hammer consists essentially of three parts. The head, a cord and a handle. The spherical head can be made of solid iron, brass or other metal material, the cable is made with a steel wire and serves to join the head to the handle. Moving on to the latter, the handle for throwing the hammer must be solid, with a curved handle and that facilitates the grip, ensuring at the same time safety.

In addition to the hammer, during workouts or competitions of throwing the hammer, it is important to be provided with the right protections. First a field that must host hammer throwing competitions is essential both equipped with a cage, which develops on the sides of the platform to protect, spectators and judges of the race from any possible mishap.

Thinking instead of the athlete and his protection are indispensable, of the protective gloves to be worn only on the hand in direct contact with the handle of the hammer and specific shoes that allow a good cushioning and allow the necessary swirling before the throwing of the hammer.

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Steel hammer, weight kg. 5, Suitable for competition.


Steel hammer, weight kg. 3. Suitable for competition.


Steel hammer, weight kg. 4. Suitable for competition.


Steel hammer, weight kg. 6. Suitable for competition.


Steel hammer, weight kg. 7,26. Suitable for competition.


Transportable hammer rack, in painted steel.


Reduction ring to convert discus to hammer platform, in in painted wood. External diameter cm.125, internal diameter cm.107