Handball balls and accessories

Steel doors, nets, handball balls and much more. Here are all the essential elements to set up a handball court for a proper and functional game. Solid structures, made with durable and quality materials that meet all the different needs of the customer.

Let’s see together what you can find in the Artisport catalog dedicated to handball.
Handball doors: can be made of aluminum or steel, are TUV certified and can be completed by special nets, available separately.
Handball balls: rubber or PVC, both for men’s and women’s sports, differentiated in weight and size. All our handball balls offer anti-theft safety and a safe and natural grip.
Handball net: regulated nylon with braid and mesh of different diameters according to different needs.

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Transportable steel handball goals


Steel handball goals with ground sleeves


Transportable aluminium handball goals


Aluminium handball goals with ground sleeves


Nylon nets for Handball, diam.mm.3


Nylon nets for handball with shock-absorbing net