Artistic gymnastics equipment

The origins of artistic gymnastics date back to ancient times; there is evidence of the discipline having been practised in China, Egypt and Greece.
The first modern forms of gymnastics (both floor exercise and with apparatus) were developed in nineteenth-century Europe.
Several gymnastics schools were established in Italy at the turn of the 1800s, and the Italian Gymnastics Federation was founded in Venice in 1869.

Practised by both men and women, this sport requires a great deal of effort, constant training, balance and muscular strength. In order for athletes to carry out the various exercises safely, gyms must be equipped with suitable, robust and durable artistic gymnastics equipment.

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Round wooden ballet bar, in natural colour, round section, Ø 43 mm, lenght 1 m.


Gymnastics mattress in expanded rubber, covering with pvc, fireproof. Measures cm 200 x 100 x5 h.


Stall bars with an span, in vaporised beechwood, natural colour, round bars. Comes with all assembly material to be fixed to the wall, cm. 90 x 250 h.


Springboard for gymnastics exercises, Reuther model, springboard made of a multilayer of beach


Violet elastic tubing completed of handles, strong intensity.


Wooden gymstick in varnished natural color, 70 cm.


Transportable horizontal ladder, in natural varnished wood, adjustable height up to mt. 2.5 and reclining. Complete with uprights in painted steel tubing, high stability. Length mt. 5.


Shelf for the suspension of the rings. painted steel structure, to be fixed to the wall (projection 150 cm). It is equipped with steel pulleys for adjusting the height of the rings from the ground. (excluding rings with ropes).


Transportable storage trolley, with swivel wheels, in varnished steel, with shelves.


Mini trampoline diameter cm. 97.


Rope for rhythmic gymnastics, in coloured polyester, without handles, length 280 cm, diameter 10 mm.