Balance axle, beam, parallel bars

Balance beam, asymmetric bars and boards: equipment for artistic gymnastics

The exercises at balance beam, are among the most difficult in the discipline of female artistic gymnastics. The balance beam is an individual, Olympic sport, characterized by numerous free body exercises that require strength, rhythm, coordination and balance.
From the name you can already imagine that in this discipline, the only tool used is the balance beam. According to the regulation, a balance beam must comply with the following characteristics: height 1.25 meters, length 5 meters, floor of 10 meters. Usually the tool is placed on a rectangular mat for the safety of the athlete.
Another tool available in the Artisport catalogue are the parallels for the female artistic gymnastics and the uneven bars. Compared to the balance beam, the parallels are formed by a metal structure, hooked to the floor through cables, consisting of two ponds, in the classic parallels side by side, in the uneven bars one in front of the other at different heights.
All the equipment for women’s artistic gymnastics in the catalog meets regulated standards.

Art. G125

Balance beam with adjustable height

Art. G126

Balance beam height 30 cm

Art. G180

Woman balance beam height 50 cm

Art. G181

balance beam adjustable from 80 cm to 120 cm.

Art. G182

Woman balance beam adjustable from 50 cm to 120 cm.

Art. G183

Cover for balance beam

Art. G170

Men Parallel Bars

Art. G171

Woman parallel bars

Art. G173

Asymmetrical women parallel bars

Art. 267010

High bar for parallel bars

Art. G175

Parellal bars cart

Art. G449

Magnesium cart

Balance beam for female artistic gymnastics

Countless exercises that can be performed at the balance beam, depending on the age and the race to which you are preparing. For the little ones you start from a simple walk on the spikes, then move to flipped forward or backward with or without hands, to the split or the biciata, increasing the level. And then get to the competitive level where the artistic elements become more complex and any mistake will involve penalties.
Use quality equipment that meets the standards of the federation is important to not find yourself unprepared during competitions. In our catalog we have several models of balance beam made of natural painted wood, complete with metal supports and rubberized support points.

Uneven bars and parallel male for artistic gymnastics

The use of uneven bars requires strength in arms and abdominals. Fluctuations from one seam to another require a large thrust and elevation. Usually the exercise begins with an entry, in the central part there are a series of exercises that decide the score, and then end with the exit detaching from the rail and landing in the carpet.
The male parallel artistic gymnastics are arranged on the same level side by side. The ponds provided for both the uneven bars for female artistic gymnastics, both for the male parallels, are made of laminated wood with oval section, galvanized steel structure.

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