Soccer / football field equipment

Soccer / football field equipment

Complete sports equipment for football fields

Equipment for the protection of soccer fields: the safety of soccer fields is of fundamental importance, for this reason the adoption of a soccer field protection net will prevent the invasion of the field by unauthorized outsiders during regular soccer matches or goal training closed.

Equipment for the maintenance of football pitches: to incur less wear and tear and therefore fewer expenses to be incurred for the repair or purchase of additional equipment, the maintenance of football fields is essential. For example, in the catalog you will find edgings for reinforcing the five-a-side football field protection net, or you can find different pitch marker trolleys both with paint and whitewash, manual or motorized.

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Football field marker trolley in galvanized steel, capacity 30 l with rubber wheels and with front indicator wheel for marking the field lines. Practical and light accessory for accurately tracing the lines of football fields.


Replacement brush for field marker trolley F 744.


Spray soccer field marker trolley, for ecological paint, plastic tank, galvanized steel frame, rubber wheels. Handy and light suitable for pulling the lines of the football field.


Ecological paint for field marker trolley. Pack of 14


Spray soccer field marker trolley, for ecological paint, with rubber wheels and front indicator wheel. This stock accessory is equipped with a plastic pressure tank for ecological paint and complete with engine.


Spray field marker trolley for ecological paints, in painted steel, equipped with electric battery pump, complete with battery charger, tank capacity Lt. 18, adjustable side marking.


Set of fixed corner posts for football composit by: n.4 fixed post diam. 30 mm, n.4 flags dim. 60x40 cm, n.4 clips, n.4 ground sleeves with cap. For regular fields.


set of flexible corner posts for football, composed of: n.4 flexible posts diam. 30 mm, n.4 flags dimensions cm.60x40, n.4 clips, n.4 ground sleeves with cap. For regular fields.


HD polyethylene fencing net for football fields, 10x10 cm mesh, 3 mm braid, weight 60 g / m. Used in football and futsal fields to prevent the balls from leaking from the playing field, water-repellent and UV stabilized. Dimensions on request.


Perimeter reinforcement edging for fencing net for football fields, consisting of a rope of diam. 6 mm of the same material as the mesh.


Extendable and sliding tunnel for stadiums and football fields on wheels to protect players from entering the locker room and indoor and outdoor playing fields. Supporting structure in aluminum, hinges and connections in steel painted with polyurethane powders, coated fabric in fireproof class M2 PVC. Dimensions: width 2 m, total height 2.4 m. Other sizes on request.