Locker room accessories

Locker room accessories

Changing room furniture: all accessories

When we talk about dressing furniture especially for gyms and sports fields, in addition to the choice of closets, benches and other structures is indispensable to equip these environments with the correct accessories changing rooms.

For this reason Artisport, thus completing its offer, provides a wide range of accessories for changing rooms to ensure comfort, safety and compliance with all current health regulations.

Mirrors, towel dispensers, automatic towels, soap dish, hairdryer, footrests and shower mats. All of these locker accessories are essential for a complete supply and to ensure greater comfort to all athletes who will need it.

Also for the accessories changing room there are regulations to protect the safety and health of the athlete.

For example, the number of hair dryers must be at least equal to the number of showers present. Same reasoning for hangers. The number of which must correspond at least to the maximum number of athletes that the dressing room may contain.
As for the showers, particular attention must be paid to the flooring, which must be non-slip, and made of materials that do not lead to the formation of mold.

Contact us for a customized quote to complete the changing rooms of the sports facility concerned.

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Plastic shower grid cm. 55x55, white color.


Anti-slip shower grid. Plastic modular grid. Blue colour.


Anti-slip shower grid. Plastic modular grid. Green colour.


Anti-slip shower grid. Plastic modular grid. Green colour.


Wall mounted electric hand dryer with push-button and timer, adjustable timer, made of ABS, 240V, power 1850W. Dimensions cm. 30.5 x 26.2 x 16.5.


Wall mounted automatic hairdryer with flexible hose, safety thermostat, 1000W, 220 / 240V. Dimensions 25.5 x 18.5 x 10 cm.


Wall mounted hairdryer, automatic with push button with adjustable timer, ABS structure, 1200W power, dimensions 30.5 x 26.2 x 16.5 cm.


Wall mounted folded papel-towel dispenser in ABS.


Liquid soap dispenser in ABS, capacity 1 l, with plastic lock, window for checking the soap level, dimensions cm. 27.5 x 13 x 9.5.


Toilet roll holder in ABS, with lock. Dimensions 34.7x35.5 cm, roll capacity maximum diameter 30 cm.


Wall mirror, without frame, diameter cm. 60, equipped with safety film and attachments for fixing to the wall.