Metal lockers

Lockers: wide range of models

Not only for the various disciplines there are ad hoc regulations for the equipment to be used, but also for lockers there are health and safety regulations that must be respected.
Artisport in the catalog offers numerous models of lockers to meet all the needs both in terms of space, but especially in terms of the number of athletes who regularly attend sports spaces.
All the models available of lockers in the catalog, are made of metal material, in glossy painted sheet, to allow strength and durability over time of the lockers. Usually the depth varies from 30 to 50 cm while the length varies from the chosen model as more modular combinations are available according to different needs. Models with one, two or three seats, single, ideal for those who need an important capacity, or overlapping, in the event that you do not need large capacity and the number of athletes/ customers is important compared to the space available.
Colors can be customized on request.
All models of locker room comply with current legislation. Custom estimates can be developed, in case the characteristics of the available models do not match the needs.

Art. S890

Locker with 1 place

Art. S891

Metal locker with 2 places

Art. S892

Metal locker with 3 places

Art. S891/1

Metal locker with 2 superimposed units

Art. S891/2

Metal locker with 3 superimposed units

Art. S892/6

Filing cabinet in 10 spaces

Dressing cabinets: how to choose the most suitable

Choosing the lockers is not as obvious as you might think. There are needs and features that you should keep in mind before purchasing lockers.
For example, we have seen how the material used for the realization is essential, to reduce any maintenance and therefore additional costs. Also the security, as we have seen before, is not an aspect to be left out. Locker rooms must ensure privacy and security against possible theft. Also important is the resistance of the lockers, as depending on the load they will have to be able to support the weight of various clothing and equipment.
Last but not least, theaesthetics. In the case of lockers the design and colour are not always taken into account. But to achieve the right harmony with the rest of the furniture, the metal lockers in the catalog can be customized in color and combination.

Lockers according to law

As for the lockers there are no particular and stringent rules in the field of sports. There are no standard sizes to respect the important thing is to ensure the necessary space for the athlete or student to store clothing, bags or other items that are not necessary during workouts or classes. Along with the necessary space, privacy must also be guaranteed, providing a secure closure against breakage.

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