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Wall-mounted side folding basketball facility approved F.I.B.A. 2° level consisting of tubular wall frame 100x30 mm with special hinges, tubular protruding trusses section 50x50 mm, support rods diameter 30 mm, rotation pins diameter 20 mm, perimeter frame supporting the backboard with reinforced plate for attacking the basket , positioning slides with special spring pin for automatic search of manual release positions. Structure entirely painted with epoxy powders. The facility is supplied with 12 mm thick tempered glass backboard with safety film, reclining baskets, protections under the basket and nets. Assembly bolts in class 8.8. Standard overhang 325 cm. BASKETBALL FACILITY APPROVED F.I.B.A. 2° LEVEL AND UNI EN 1270 CERTIFICATE


Fixed modular grandstand for inside use, structure in tubular steel painted with epoxy powders of appropriate section, vertical legs with recesses for attachment of support surfaces and stairways, rear reinforcement crosses, front plugging in painted press-bent sheet metal, decking in fireproof phenolic bonded plywood according to the law, seat surface in class 1 fireproof plywood or alternatively with polypropylene seats, side and rear parapets in painted steel height 110 cm. Dimensions and features on request.


Telescopic grandstand certified according to the regulations and DM in force at 500 kg / m2. Supporting structure in steel of appropriate section, sliding wheels in polyamide, walking surfaces in class 1 fireproof plywood, fronts in fireproof wooden material, side and rear parapets height 110 cm which always remain in position without having to be removed when closing. Seats with a choice of polypropylene seats or completely wooden. Manual locking and unlocking system that can be easily operated by means of a retractable handle. Tread 70/75 cm raised 34/38 cm for a maximum depth in closed position of 130 cm. Possibility of motorization of the grandstand with self-centering motors.


Volleyball facility model Gara transportable on wheels consisting of 2 uprights in aluminum ovoid section mm. 120 x 100 reinforced internally, adjustment of the net by means of periscope slides inside the structure, tensioning of the net by means of a rack and pinion winch, ground support base in steel sheet mm. 8 laser cut with fixing holes at center distance cm. 47, reinforcement rods Ø mm. 25. The facility is supplied complete with anchor bolts and concealed screws MA 14 for fixing. Volleyball facility TÜV tested in according to UNI EN 1271


Volleyball facility, composed by 2 aluminium uprights, ovoid section mm. 120 x 100 internally reinforced. Adjustable net in different heights by periscopic sliding system in zinc-coated steel. Rack winch for stretching the net. Provided with ground sleeves.Volleyball facility TÜV tested in according to UNI EN 1271.


Padded protection for volleyball facility V 708/R,V703/T and V703/TR, in foam rubber and velcro closure.


Pair of padded foam rubber shaped protections with PVC coating and velcro closure for V708/R, V708/C, V703/T and V703/TR volleyball facilities.


Volleyball umpire for standing or seated, built according to FIPAV regulation, structure in painted steel, high stability base measures cm. 110 x 70 with adjustable feet, walking surface in galvanized sheet metal, adjustable platform in various heights from cm. 110 to cm. 150 by manual rack and pinion winch, round tubular railing diam. mm. 40, rear access ladder covered in non-slip material, PVC seat, complete with rubber transport wheels.


Bench for coaches / basketball reserves, steel frame Ø mm 40 and 40x20 painted with epoxy powders, seat and backrest in nateral varnished wood, length m. 3.


Monotubular minivolley-superminivolley facility, transportable on wheels complete with galvanized slide tubes for adjusting the height of the bed base, minivolley cm. 210, superminivolley cm. 215.


Table for officials, structure in painted steel, bilaminated top with Injury-proof border protection. dimensions cm 240x90x76h.

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