Equipements for Pilates

Equipements for Pilates

Pilates equipment for the gym

The pilates is a type of gymnastics that has spread a lot in recent years. It is a rehabilitative gymnastics and strengthening of the whole body muscles.
There are multiple pilates exercises that require certain pilates tools.
In this section you will find all the pilates tools to meet the different needs.
Rubber balls for targeted work on abs and muscles, foam roller for muscle relief, fit-circle for training and muscle development of upper and lower limbs.

For a complete supply of your gym choose from the different pilates equipment that we have available in the catalog. If there is not what you need, contact us for a supply and a custom quote.

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Pilates balance board in polypropylene diam.cm.35, height cm.8


Pilates dome inflatable hemisphere with elastic handles, dimensions diameter cm.58.


Pilates roller in foam diam.cm.15, lenght cm.90