Volleyball nets and balls

Volleyball nets and balls

Volleyball, nets and volleyball balls

Volleyball, together with basketball and football, is one of the most followed sports in Europe. Sport practiced from a young age, helps in the development of physical qualities but also behavioral. Being a square sport, there must be coordination and harmony between the players to win the point.

For the right training and to get performance in addition to the expectations during the competitions, it is essential to use the right equipment.

Use a volleyball regulation and a volleyball net according to current regulations.

The volleyball and the volleyball net are the main elements in the game.

Artisport in this section offers a wide range of volleyball balls and volleyball nets to meet and meet different needs. For training or competition you will surely find the ideal equipment for the furnishing of the gym or an outdoor field.

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Volleyball net heavy model 


Pair of flexible antennas, in glass fiber, white-red colour, for volleyball playgrounds. Lenght cm. 180. Detachable in two pieces.


Volleyball Molten Volley School V5M2501-L