Beach volleyball court equipment

Beach volleyball is a variant of volleyball played outdoors on a sand court.
The sport originated in California and Hawaii, where beach volleyball was initially seen as a recreational beach game. The game was most likely invented in 1915, while the first match with the modern format took place in Santa Monica in 1930.
Like volleyball, the players compete on a court separated by a net, and the aim is to hit the ball over to the opponents' side of the court and score points. The game is played by both men and women and sees two pairs of players face off on a sand court.
Beach volleyball has been an Olympic sport since 1996, the year of the Atlanta Olympics. Brazil and the USA are perennially among the strongest international teams in the world in both the men's and the women's games.

Art. V709/T

Beach-volley/tennis facility 70 mm

Art. V709/2

Beach-volley facility 50 mm

Art. V709/R

beach- volley/tennis facility 50 mm

Art. V709

Aluminium beach-volley facility

Art. V709/3

Aluminium beach-volley facility 80 mm

Art. V709/B

beach-volley facility

Art. V730/NR

Padded protection for articles V708/R, V703/T and V703/TR

Art. V713/T

Beach-volley net

Art. V713/S

Beach-volley net

Art. V713/R

Beach-tennis net

Art. V712/Q

Tape for beach volley court boundary lines

Art. V716/B

Beach volley umpire's chair

Art. V716/P

Padded protection for umpire chair V716

Art. V726/1

Manual table scoreboard

Art. V728/Q

Beach-volley ball Molten BV-5000

Art. V729/P

Beach-volley ball

Art. V728/N

Beach-volley ball Molten AZURE-BEACH-17

Art. V1001

Drill for sand perforation

Beach volleyball systems and nets

In addition to specialising in regular volleyball, Artisport is also the place to go for beach volleyball gear, offering a range of equipment and accessories of different kinds.
Our beach volleyball systems are made from reinforced steel or aluminium and come with a net winch and floor sockets. Our beach volleyball nets come in regulation sizes and feature coloured bands around the edges.
Other beach volleyball equipment consists of the referee stand with padding as required, the table scoreboard, and the lines marking out the boundaries of the court.

To ensure your beach volleyball court is as safe as possible, we recommend covering the metal net frame with padding to avoid any injury to players. As for balls, our catalogue features a vast range of FIVB-approved Molten volleyballs in synthetic leather. One of Artisport’s major beach volleyball customers is Diadora, for whom we set up a court at the company's headquarters.

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