Basketball rims, backboards

Basketball rims, backboards

Basketball baskets and scoreboard

The basket is one of the most practiced sports, known and appreciated worldwide. Artisport offers within its catalog a wide range of equipment for this sport, such as an example, basketball baskets, basketball facilities and basketball scoreboard.

As we all know, in a basketball court we find two basketball baskets positioned in the center of the two shorter sides, one facing each other. The goal of basketball is to pass the basketball ball inside the basketball basket, scoring 1, 2 or 3 points depending on the position from which the player performs the action.

To complete the basketball system it is essential to install a basketball board for a dual function. The first, allows you to support the basketball basket, the second, however, can be exploited during the game to reach the goal and achieve the point.

In this section of the Artisport catalogue, you will find numerous indoor and outdoor basketball baskets to which you can match the basketball board that most meets the needs of the moment. 

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Basketball hoop, in galvanized hot dipped steel, extra-strong model for outdoors.


Basketball hoop reclinable model


Basketball hoop full tubular ring, reclinable, in painted steel, safety patented rubber protection. Provided with TUV EN 1270 attestation of conformity.


Reclining basket  with padded protection


Light basketball net in polypropylene, Ø 3 mm.


Basketball net in high-tenacity nylon, Ø 6 mm.


Plexiglass basketball backboard