Volleyball facilities

Volleyball facilities

Volleybal facilities and systems

Depending on your requirements, our volleyball systems can be fixed to the ground or portable and can be made of aluminium or galvanised steel.
Aluminium volleyball facilities are light and easy to transport thanks to a wheeled base, which makes moving them a breeze.

Volleyball referee stands

The referee plays a fundamental role in any volleyball match. To make the referee's job easier and more effective, it is important that he or she has a comfortable position with a view over the entire court. Our referee stands are height-adjustable and can be fitted with padding as required.

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Volleyball monotubolar aluminum with ground sleeves


Aluminium volleyball competition facility


Trasportable aluminium volleyball system


Volleyball galvanized steel mm.100 diameter with ground sleevs


Volleyball galvanized steel mm.70 with ground sleevs


Volleyball trellis painted steel and galvanized portable


Padded protection for articles V708 and V700


Padded protection for articles V708/R, V703/T and V703/TR


Pair of padded and shaped protections