Soccer goals and nets

Soccer goals and nets

Football goal and football net

The football is the most followed and practiced sport in the world, this is a team sport, practiced in a rectangular field with two football goals arranged centrally in the two shorter sides of the rectangle. Eleven players per team, will have to pass opponents, running with a spherical ball, and try to score goals, crossing the hands of the goalkeeper.

The main and essential tool for the game are definitely the goals from football and the football. Whether it is a competition pitch or a football pitch, the doors provided must meet certain technical and quality standards.

Artisport offers numerous models of football goals, of football net and all the necessary equipment for this sport. 

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Aluminum football goals 7.32x2.44 m, with ground sleevs


Aluminun football goals 7.32x2.44 m.,TÜV tested in according to UNI EN 748.


Transportable aluminum football goals 7.32x2.44 m


Transportable aluminum football goals m.6x2


Aluminium football goals with ground sleeves, dimensions m.6x2


Football goals in aluminium, transportable m.6x2


Football goals in aluminium with ground sleeves, m.5x2 m  


Football goals in aluminium, transportable, m.5x2


Football goals in aluminium, transportable, m.5x2


Aluminium goals with ground sleveves, m.5x2