Mirrors for gyms

Mirrors for gyms

Mirrors for gyms: gymnastics and dance

In the furnishing of a gym is essential the insertion and installation of mirrors for gyms professional and that guarantee functionality and safety.

The installation of mirrors for gyms, in addition to an objective functional objective, allow the gym to achieve a more pleasing aesthetic in the eyes of customers. Although the main goal of a gym is training, doing it in a pleasant and well-kept environment makes it pleasant and a source of pride for the structure.

Not only aesthetic side but also functionality. In fact, a gym without mirrors for gym will be incomplete and not very functional, whether it is a tool room or rooms equipped for gymnastics or dance classes.
Mirrors for gyms are indispensable both for autonomous control of movements, so as not to make mistakes in the correct execution of the exercises, and for possible corrections by staff during courses or group workouts.

In our catalog you will find some models of mirrors for gyms to choose according to your needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us for a customized supply.

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Transportable smooth mirror with safety film, mounted on a painted steel tube structure equipped with wheels. Dimensions cm. 100x170H.


Smooth mirror with safety film, designed for wall mounting, complete with skirting board above and below. Dimensions cm. 100x200H, thickness mm. 4


Transportable smooth mirror, basement in tubular steel painted diameter mm. 40 complete with nylon wheels for transporting, periscope sliding door diameter 35 mm external and 30 internal which allows the inclination of the mirror from 90 ° to 35 ° approximately. Smooth mirror with safety film, dimensions cm. 100x170H. complete rear frame made of tubular aluminum framework. Special features of this structure is the attachment of multiple modules allows you to create a reflective surface without interruption.