Gym grandstands

Any sports competition, whether it's a local affair or a major event, needs an audience of spectators and supporters. For this reason, arenas and gyms that host competitions and events need suitable grandstands to accommodate spectators.
Whatever the size of your space, Artisport can supply tailor-made grandstands to suit all your needs.

How we make our grandstands for sports facilities

Our grandstands are specially designed based on the customer's requests, the size of the space and the number of people that need to be accommodated.

Our grandstands are made of galvanised steel and are fitted with fire-retardant polypropylene seats in a range of colours. Our grandstand units are available in four, eight and twelve-seat versions. If you're not looking for a full grandstand, you can also buy seats individually, with or without a backrest.
For arenas and sports halls, we build large permanent grandstands with a steel frame, sheet metal walkways and a wooden seating surface topped with polypropylene seats. All of our products can be customised with regard to length, depth and colour.

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Fixed modular grandstand for outdoor use, supporting structure in tubular and corner steel of adequate section, calculated as per standards and Ministerial Decree In force for a load of 500kg / m2, walking surfaces in non-slip galvanized sheet metal, seating surfaces in fireproof plywood alternatively with seats. Dimensions and features on request.


Fixed modular grandstand for inside use, structure in tubular steel painted with epoxy powders of appropriate section, vertical legs with recesses for attachment of support surfaces and stairways, rear reinforcement crosses, front plugging in painted press-bent sheet metal, decking in fireproof phenolic bonded plywood according to the law, seat surface in class 1 fireproof plywood or alternatively with polypropylene seats, side and rear parapets in painted steel height 110 cm. Dimensions and features on request.


Telescopic grandstand certified according to the regulations and DM in force at 500 kg / m2. Supporting structure in steel of appropriate section, sliding wheels in polyamide, walking surfaces in class 1 fireproof plywood, fronts in fireproof wooden material, side and rear parapets height 110 cm which always remain in position without having to be removed when closing. Seats with a choice of polypropylene seats or completely wooden. Manual locking and unlocking system that can be easily operated by means of a retractable handle. Tread 70/75 cm raised 34/38 cm for a maximum depth in closed position of 130 cm. Possibility of motorization of the grandstand with self-centering motors.


Modular stage for events, walking surface in birch plywood, colors to choose from mahogany, yellow or red. The stage has a range of static 600/kg/mq. Certificate in accordance with the regulations. Standard dimensions cm. 200x200, on request dimensionz cm. 200x100 or cm. 100x100.


Steel barrier in hot zinced steel, connectable and stackable with fixed feet.


Dividing curtain for gyms, consisting of a load-bearing structure anchored to the roof beams with special devices, 380V electric motor with gear electro-brake safety factor F = 2; on the two sides of the beam there are 2 electromechanical safety brakes, double PVC sheet of 900 g / m2 full height. Possibility of combined curtain with PVC sheet up to a height of 2.6 m while a square mesh net is positioned on the upper part. Upper structure for the winding of the awning in painted steel. Color of the fabric and structure to be chosen from among the available. Dimensions on request. Documentation: TUV DIN 18032/4 CERTIFICATE for the system EN 13501-1 CERTIFICATE for the PVC sheet


Modular public/athletes dividers in according to UNI EN 13200-3, height 110 cm including n.1 hot zinced post section 70 x 20 mm + n ° 3 horizontal elements in round section 48 mm. Possibility of executing pedestrian gates with latch closure. Installation with ground plate or with ground sleeves. The dividers can be protected with shockproof material according to UNI EN 913 (on request). Other dividers can be made with steel, glass or plexiglass infill.


Small stand in hot zinced steel, square tube mm. 35 x 35 seat with fireproof class 1 without backrest, footrest cm. 45 non-slip. Compatibility 12 seats distributed on 3 rows. Length m. 2 for each module


Small stand in hot zinced steel, square tube mm. 35 x 35 seat with fireproof class 1 without backrest, footrest cm. 45 non-slip. Compatibility 8 seats distributed on 2 rows. Length m. 2 for each module


Small stand in hot zinced steel, square tube mm. 35 x 35 seat with fireproof class 1 without backrest, footrest cm. 45 non-slip. Compatibility 4 seats distributed on 1 rows. Length m. 2 for each module


Access staircase for small stand, strucutre in hot zinced steel, width 80 cm,


Small tribune lenght m. 2 m arranged on 3 rows, seat in polypropylene with fireproof backrest cl 1, plywood walking surfaces (other walking surfaces on request), rear wheels for quick overturning and storage in the warehouse. Capacity 12 seats, length 2 m, depth 1.90 m.