5-a-side goals and nets

5-a-side goals and nets

Regulations five-a-side football goals

As we have seen football, also for five-a-side football are essential five-a-side football goals regulations and soccer balls, more specifically would be recommended a controlled bounce ball.

A soccer field is much smaller than a normal football field, for this reason also the doors must be commensurate with the size of the field.

Usually soccer goals measure 3 meters long by 2 meters high, in some cases, we can reach 4 meters long, in the presence of slightly larger private fields ideal for football matches at 6. The structure of the doors from soccer steel or aluminum must have a thickness of 8 cm. The doors from soccer are placed in the center of the shorter sides of the field and are then completed by nets ports five-a-side football, usually nylon available in different meshes, square or hexagonal.

The five-a-side football goals are fixed to the ground for greater solidity and safety in the field with door bushings, which guarantee the firm ground fixing.

Artisport has numerous models of doors for soccer both in aluminum and steel, in sizes 3x2 or even 4x2, transportable or complete with compasses. To complete the supply you can choose between the different networks of five-a-side football ports in the catalog.

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Transportable steel futsal goals m 3x2


Steel futsal goals m.3x2 with ground sleevs


Transportable aluminium futsal goals m.3x2


Aluminium futsal goals with ground sleeves, m.3x2


transportable steel  futsal goals, m.4x2


Steel futsal goals with ground sleeves, m.3x2


transportable aluminium   futsal goals, m.4x2


Aluminium futsal goals, with ground sleeves, m.4x2


Nylon nets for futsal goals m.3x2, diam.mm.3


Polyethylene nets for futsal goals m.3x2, diam.mm.3


Nylon nets for futsal goals m.3x2, diam.mm.6