Accessories for soccer

Accessories for soccer

Football accessories: everything you need for the football field and not only

There are many football accessories available in the catalog. Not only training accessories but also equipment necessary for the regulation and success of the game.

Let’s see together what are the football accessories needed for a complete supply. 

Referee accessories: wide range of football accessories for the referee, such as whistles and line flags ideal for calling the players in case of a foul and indicating any wrong positions of the players and the ball, such as the offside or the exit from the field line of the ball. 

Electronic player changer board: for the regular replacement of players on the field, you will then need light boards that indicate the number of the incoming player to exit. This is because during the course of a regular football match there is a maximum of changes that can be made by the coach, within which you must stand. 

Plifix: essential element for signaling and tracking the playing field. Cone structure for screwing on the ground, not dangerous for players and colored fiber tuft. 

Discover all the other football accessories available and if you can’t find what you’re looking for contact us for a customized quote, we will reply as soon as possible. 

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Linesman flag with hand grip and yellow draped


Football linemen chequered flag with hand grip.


Flag for linesman color yellow dim. 40x40 cm


Flag for linesman colour yellow-orange dim. 40x40 cm


Set of numbers for player substitution. Numbers from 1 to 30. Double, plasticized, without hand grip, yellow color.


Set of numbers for player substitution. Numbers from 1 to 30. Double, plasticized, with hand grip, yellow color.


Shoes washer composed of body and removable pianted steel support rails, n2 lower brushes with plastica holder and short , stiffnylon bristles for cleaning outsole, n.2 side brushes with plastic older and nylon , long and soft bristles for upper cleaning, spray system made of galvanized steel with 4 crossed water jets with adjustable angle.


Football scoreboard for players substitution. Handy model, double side. Numbers from 1 to 99, fluorescent yellow or orange.


Electronic board, 2 colours displays on single side.


Electronic board, 2 colours displays on both sides.


HD polyethylene fencing net for football fields, 10x10 cm mesh, 3 mm braid, weight 60 g / m. Used in football and futsal fields to prevent the balls from leaking from the playing field, water-repellent and UV stabilized. Dimensions on request.


Perimeter reinforcement edging for fencing net for football fields, consisting of a rope of diam. 6 mm of the same material as the mesh.