5-a-side balls

5-a-side balls

Regular five-a-side balls

As with all sports that involve competitions and are regulated by federations, even for the soccer balls there are rules that must be respected in this discipline.

First of all the material. For the soccer balls leather is usually used, but there may be variations, such as rubber or synthetic leather, which must be approved for regulation. Turning then to the dimensions, a soccer ball must comply with the following measurements:

circumference: soccer balls measure 4 are used (for the football the measure is 5), whose dimensions vary from 62 cm up to a maximum of 64 cm.

weight: varies between 400g and 440g

pressure: is considered correct when the values are between 0.6 and 0.9 atmospheres. By dropping the ball from a height of 2 meters, the rebound should not exceed 65 cm, nor be less than 50cm. 

Before the start of a 5-a-side football match all the rules described above must be checked, for the regularity of the competition but above all to ensure maximum performance to the players.
Other models of soccer balls, such as rubber or low weight balls, can be used for workouts or games between friends.

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Futsal ball in synthetic leather n. 4.


Futsal ball in blow rubber UTL 41, weight gr. 320, according to F.I.G.C.


5-a-side ball in synthetic rubber n. 4 diam. cm 19,5, weight gr. 360.


Mini-soccer ball Soft Trial, for indoor futsal pitches, diam. cm 21, gr. 420.


Low bounce ball, n.4, in PU, for amateur futsal competition.


Mini-soccer ball in synthetic rubber diam. cm 18 n. 3 , weight gr. 300.