Football balls: all models

Not all footballs balls are the same. For this reason it is important to identify the main characteristics and to be clear about the needs and ways of use for which you are looking for a football.
The soccer balls for regulation are characterized by a spherical shape, the circumference must be between 68 and 70 cm for a weight ranging between 410 gr and 450 gr depending on the surface where you play and according to the championship reference. For example, if a competitive competition is played, the football used will certainly be more thinking than a football used for youth or junior competitions.
It is generally recommended to purchase more football balls in order to ensure reserves, according to regulation 12, during a match.

How football balls are made

Originally the football ball was characterized by an irregular shape because the techniques of realization had not evolved as now and the materials available were not numerous. From animal skin, we went to rubber covered with leather strips, to get to the soccer ball that is used today, completely in leather or synthetic leather.

Art. F750

Synthetic leather soccer ball n.5

Art. F755

Soccer ball n.5 (rubber)

Art. F755/2

Soccer ball for head training

Art. F755/3

Training rubber ball

Art. F755/5

Rubber soccer ball

Art. F755/6

Foam rubber ball

Art. K821

String ball bag

Art. K821/1

String ball bag for soccer balls

How to choose football ball?

To choose the right football ball you must take into account the age of the players and the surface in which the game will be held.
Size 5: ideal for football games at 11, where resistance, optimal rebound and water resistance are required. The preservation of the spherical shape is obviously essential. This size is ideal from 12 years old and up.
Size 4: ideal for young players from 8 to 12 years.
Size 1 or 3: for children under 8 years of age, as it is lighter and easier to handle.
Moving on to the various types of soccer balls based on the diversity of surface exist, rubber balls ideal for sand or grass, in case you want to play barefoot, while for other surfaces you need a durable football.
In our catalogue you will find numerous models of soccer balls, of different sizes and materials. Football balls in synthetic leather, rubber or foam rubber. Whatever your need for use you will find the perfect football for your needs.

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