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MOVE19 is the foldable oleodynamic basketball hoop characterized by functionality that brings joy both to those who play with it and those who need to move it.


Basketball system RED 15, consisting of a hydraulic electric system with a sturdy base and vertical posts.


Multisport scoreboard ideal for: Basketball, Volleyball, futsal, Handball, Hockey, Tennis, etc.. Functions displayed: Game time: [00:00 - 99:59], digits 30cm high.Team scores: [0-199], digits 30cm high. Period: [0-9], digit 30cm high. Team fouls / Sets won: [0-9], digits 30cm high. Bonus: [1 light indicator per team], 8cm diameter. Timeout: [3 light indicators per team], 8cm diameter. Possession/Service/Turn: [indicator arrows].Technical Characteristics: Dimensions: 200x180x9cm. Weight: 60kg. Distance and readability angle: 130m 150 degrees, team-names readable up to 90m.Meets F.I.B.A. specifications. No front protection cover required. Complies with DIN 18032-3 and UNI 9554 standards on "resistance to damage from balls." Using the Control Console you can choose different operation modes depending on the sport selected: game and interval time, count back or forward, display last minute tenths of a second, display time of day, etc..The horn can be sounded manually or automatically when the time expires, producing a strong acoustic signal (120dB at 1m) with adjustable duration and intensity. Provided with bolts and brackets for wall mounting. Adhesive labels HOME-GUEST, HEIM-GÄSTE, LOCAUX-VISITEURS LOCALES-VISITANTES. Robust container made from powder-coated aluminium. Front panel made from anti-glare polycarbonate. Supplied with serial cable to connect to the Control console, 60m long. Power supply: 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 210VA. Complete with control console large backlit graphic display, 5.6" (11.5x8.7cm), makes it possible to view all the information on the scoreboards at the same time. USB port. Makes it easy to update the console software using a PC, useful when changing between the rules of one sport and another. Multilingual. All the words and instructions on the display appear in the language selected. Highly reliable membrane keyboard. Strong container made from powder-coated aluminium. Dimensions and weight: 31.5x19x12cm, 1.9kg. Power supply: 12Vdc ±10%, 200mA Max.


Table for basketball officials, consisting of a painted steel frame, main section 50x50 mm, front and side infill in white bilaminate 18 mm thick, with safety edging, support surface in white bilaminate, wheels diameter 80 non-marking for transport. Table complete with front and side protection in expanded rubber thickness cm. 5 with washable PVC covering. Dimensions cm.300x70x76h


Volleyball facility Category A1 competition certified for international competitions, light alloy structure with internal anti-deflection ribs, additional internal reinforcement in anti-deflection steel, completely retractable net adjustment slides. The facility for adjusting the height and tension of the net is started by means of a removable handle, upper pulley in nylon. Volleyball facility supplied complete with ground sleeves to be buried, height 50 cm. Volleyball facility TÜV tested in according to UNI EN 1271


Volleyball umpire competition built according to FIPAV regulation, structure in painted steel, base with high stability measures cm. 120 x 80 with adjustable feet, walking surface in painted sheet metal, adjustable platform in various heights from cm. 110 to cm. 150 by means of manual rack and pinion winch, tubular sliding in galvanized steel section 80 x 80, railing in round tubular diam. mm. 40, side access ladder covered in non-slip material, PVC seat, complete with rubber transport wheels applied directly.


Pair of handball goals with ground sleeves, in painted steel structure section mm. 80x80, hot zinced steel back supports Ø 30. Dimensions cm. 300x200. Without nets. Handball goals certified according to UNI EN 749.


Pair of handball goals with ground sleeves, in painted aluminium structure section mm. 80x80, hot zinced steel back supports Ø 30. Dimensions cm. 300x200. Without nets. Handball goals certified according to UNI EN 749.


Wall protection for outisde use made of high density polyethylene covered with colour pvc, thickness mm.20, scratchproof, no-toxic. Certificate in reference at UNI EN 913.


Pair of padded foam rubber shaped protections with PVC coating and velcro closure for V708/R, V708/C, V703/T and V703/TR volleyball facilities.

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