Accessories for rhythmic gymnastic

Rhythmic gymnastics equipment: rhythmic gymnastics tape and ball

Rhythmic gymnastics tape

Among the rhythmic gymnastics equipment, tape is definitely the most spectacular tool. The Rhythmic Gymnastics Tape is composed of a handle, which is attached to a fabric tape that during the performance hovers in the air creating different dynamics according to the choreography thought. The handle can be made of wood, bamboo or plastic or fiberglass. The length can vary from 50 cm to 60 cm, and the handle can be covered with a non-slip layer.
The nastro ginnastica artistica, real is made of satin or other similar fabric, available in different colors to match the costume. From 4 to 6 cm wide and from 5 meters long for juniors up to 6 meters for adult categories.

Artistic gymnastics ball

The rhythmic gymnastics ball is made of rubber or other similar material, varies from 18 to 20 cm in diameter and must have a minimum weight of 400g. It is a tool that allows to obtain elegance and sinuosity in the execution of the exercise thanks to rolling, rebounds and launches.
In the catalog you will find different models of ball artistic gymnastics, from various sizes, for training and competitions, but also rhythmic gymnastics tape available in different colors.

Art. G108

Callisthenics tambourine

Art. G105

Callisthenics ribbons

Art. G108/P

Indoor soft ball

Art. G108/G

Game tambourine

Art. G100

Rhythmic gymnastics ball 160 g

Art. G101

Rhythmic gymnastics ball 240 g

Art. G104

Rhythmic gymnastics ball 400 g

Art. G104/1

Rhythmic gymnastics ball gr.400

All rhythmic gymnastics equipment

In rhythmic gymnastics, the execution of free body exercises is enriched by the use of two or more rhythmic gymnastics equipment chosen by the athlete according to the chosen competition. The rhythmic gymnastics tools are generally 5: rhythmic gymnastics tape, ball for rhythmic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics rope, circle and clavette.

Basic movements with rhythmic gymnastics equipment

Rhythmic gymnastics is a purely female Olympic discipline from recent origins. But despite this very appreciated and widespread in Italy. There are numerous gym equipment available in the catalog, to meet any need and complete the supply for training and competitions. In rhythmic gymnastics you can participate individually or in the team. Depending on the type of execution the movements and requests vary, also varying the evaluation of multiple executions. Physical effort and the control and coordination of the different parts of the body is essential for the correct execution of the different elements of a choreography.
In an individual competition the precision in the performance of various exercises free body, and mastery in the management of rhythmic gymnastics equipment, is essential, as the musicality and fluidity of movement.
If, however, the competition is at the team level, in addition to precision and mastery, it is important to coordinate and manage the exchanges of artistic gymnastics equipment between an athlete and another.

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