Tennis net and facilities: all the necessary tennis equipment

In our catalog you can find a lot of items for tennis. Tennis net, aluminum frame, ball and tennis rackets, are the essential elements to practice this sport.
Artisport specializes in the construction and assembly of aluminum tennis facilities, available in different sizes. All our facilities have the possibility to be fixed to the ground, using screws supplied, or can be transported, in order to place them in any space you have available. The tennis facilities are equipped with tennis net in polyethylene and winches tendirete necessary to make it fully stretched.

Art. T781/1

Tennis facility in aluminium

Art. T780

Tennis net system

Art. T780/1

Tennis net system

Art. T781

Tennis net system

Art. T781/2

Trasportable tennis net system

Art. T780/2

Pair of varnished steel net posts for single match

Art. T785/A

Tensioning winch square section

Art. T785/B

Tensioning winch round section

Art. T790

Tennis umpire's chair

Art. T782

Heavy model tennis net

Art. T783

Torneo tennis net

Art. T783/1

Torneo Super Torneo tennis net

Art. T783/2

Minitennis net

Art. T787

Net tape

Art. T785

Net tape

Art. T797

Tennis court net

Art. T796

Bench for tennis court

Art. T794

Tennis court drag mat

Art. T797/2

Wind protection court blinds

Art. T797/3

Curtain for windbreak

Art. T792

Line tape da mm.45

Art. K1206

Sponge ball mm.70

Tennis court accessories

In addition to the supply and installation of the system including tennis net, Artisport offers the catalog of accessories that serve to complete the preparation of the entire field. From the high chair for referee tennis, to the benches.
In addition to tennis equipment and court furniture, in our catalog you can find, ball trolleys, different varieties of sponge tennis balls and white ribbon.
All the facilities and equipment provided by Artisport are of excellent quality and guarantee a durability while maintaining their original characteristics.

Tennis net and other equipment

Tennis tends to be an individual sport, but it can also be played in pairs. The game takes place on a clay field or synthetic material and sees two players, separated by a tennis net, engaged in sending the ball with the racket into the opponent’s field to win the point.
Tennis is a sport that has been practiced since ancient times in Greco-Roman culture and that over the centuries has evolved. The racket or the simple tennis net have changed, as have the rules.
Tennis entered the Olympic Games in 1896 and remained there until 1924, when it was eliminated and then reintroduced in 1988.

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