Athletics equipment

The term "athletics" encompasses various disciplines, with specific equipment required for each activity.
Athletics dates back to ancient times; in fact, many of the disciplines still practised today were invented in ancient Greece. Athletics has been an official Olympic sport since the first modern games in 1896, and it remains one of the most popular and fascinating sports at a competitive level to this day.

Many disciplines in one great sport

Athletics encompasses various disciplines that can be divided into three categories: running, throwing and jumping.
Running ranges from sprinting and middle-distance races to more unusual contests such as the hurdles and relay races.
As well as running, athletics also includes all the jumping disciplines, from the high jump and the pole vault to the long jump and the triple jump. And let's not forget all the throwing events: the shot put, the discus, the hammer and the javelin.

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Artisport: athletics solutions

Artisport specialises in supplying equipment and accessories for athletics such as digital stopwatches, megaphones and measuring wheels.
Whatever your needs, we can help thanks to our wide variety of tailored equipment and solutions.
For running, we offer various types of starting blocks for both indoor and outdoor track use as well as relay batons in several different colours.

For hurdling, Artisport supplies many different varieties of hurdle ranging from adjustable steel hurdles (which can also be used for junior training) to IAAF-approved Olympic hurdles, specifically designed for high-level competition.
For throwing, our site offers various IAAF-approved discuses in rubber or nylon with a steel rim as well as protective cages suitable for discus and hammer throwing.
Javelin throwing is a sport that requires quality equipment in order to achieve optimum performance.
As featured in our catalogue, the Artisport product range includes various types of javelin for competition and training use as well as foam javelins and training balls that can be used to introduce younger athletes to the discipline.

For jumping, we supply all the equipment required for the various disciplines: mats of various sizes, pairs of uprights and steel crossbars for the high jump; take-off boards, sand rakes and boxes for the long jump.
All our pole vault equipment is suitable for competition use and is IAAF-approved, allowing you to train and compete safely in line with regulations.
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