Beach-volley ball


Art. V729/P made in italy

Beach-volley ball, in pvc , size 5

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Art. V709/T

Beach-volley/tennis facility 70 mm

Art. V709/2

Beach-volley facility 50 mm

Art. V709/R

beach- volley/tennis facility 50 mm

Art. V709

Aluminium beach-volley facility

Art. V709/3

Aluminium beach-volley facility 80 mm

Art. V709/B

beach-volley facility

Art. V730/NR

Padded protection for articles V708/R, V703/T and V703/TR

Art. V713/T

Beach-volley net

Art. V713/S

Beach-volley net

Art. V713/R

Beach-tennis net

Art. V712/Q

Tape for beach volley court boundary lines

Art. V716/B

Beach volley umpire's chair

Art. V716/P

Padded protection for umpire chair V716

Art. V726/1

Manual table scoreboard

Art. V728/Q

Beach-volley ball Molten BV-5000

Art. V728/N

Beach-volley ball Molten AZURE-BEACH-17

Art. V1001

Drill for sand perforation

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