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Motor skills development equipment

Gyms in schools and facilities that hold motor skills development classes need a range of motor skills equipment to carry out various exercises.
Gymnastics activities for children usually incorporate movements aimed at improving motor skills and coordination. These are simple exercises including running, jumping and somersaults.
In order to get children involved in physical activity, gymnastics instructors need to create short courses where the children slalom between cones, jump over small obstacles, hop into hoops and play with balls.

Art. K852/1

Foam cushion dim. 60x45x15 cm

Art. K852/2

Foam cushion dim. 35x35x10 cm

Art. K852/A

Foam cushion dim. 100x100x40 cm

Art. K853/1

Trapezoid foam cushion dim. 40x50x30 cm

Art. K853

Rectangle cushion dim. 60x30x15 cm

Art. K854

Square cushion dim. 30x30x30 cm

Art. K855

Cylinder foam cushion 25 cm

Art. K856

Semi-circle foam cushion dim. 50x25 cm

Art. K857

Triangle foam cushion

Art. K858

Foam cushion

Art. K858/2

Psychomotor aids set

Art. K1208/03

set hurdle with cones height 30 cm

Art. K1208/05

Set hurdle with cones height 50 cm

Art. K825

Plastic cone height 30 cm

Art. K825/F

Cone with holes height 30 cm

Art. K826/F

Cone with holes height 50 cm

Art. K1206

Sponge ball 70 mm

Art. K1206/1

Sponge ball 140 mm

Choose Artisport for all your PE equipment needs

Our catalogue features all the motor skills development equipment you need to get children involved in physical activity of any kind.
Our equipment is made from quality materials and comes in a range of bright colours – an important feature when it comes to stimulating kids' interest and involving them in physical activity and play. Because these activities combine play with sport and are designed for children, it is vital that all the equipment used complies with quality and safety standards.

The more variety the course has, the more enthusiastic kids will be about tackling it. It is therefore a good idea to also include various geometric shapes. Our geometric shapes are foam cushions that can be used individually or combined to make different structures. They can be used for somersaults, jumps and obstacle courses. We stock the following shapes: wedges, cubes, cylinders, triangles and trapeziums.
These coloured cushions are suitable not only for kids gymnastics but also for rehabilitation: thanks to the different shapes, they can be used for exercises designed to stimulate certain body parts.
The various items can be purchased individually or together as part of our motor skills development trolley, which includes cones, hoops, balls, stilts and clubs.

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