Soccer / football training equipment

Football training equipment

Strength, speed, endurance, coordination, balance and dexterity, here are some of the skills that a player must develop through different exercises football training.
So let’s see what is theequipment football that we have in our catalog for training.


The football dummies allow training on free kicks thus simulating the defenders of the opposing team. They can be used individually or in groups by recreating a barrier. Equipped with tips for fixing to the playground.


Football hurdles and ladders are among the most used items during the sessions of training football. The hurdles allow you to improve the speed and agility of the lower limbs, they are adjustable to increase the difficulty when you need. Available individually or in sets of 12. The ladders instead in addition to the improvement of speed point to the development of the game of legs.


The slalom soccer poles are ideal for developing speed, agility and coordination. They are generally used for improving dribbling during thefootball training. Available two models of slalom poles within our catalog for football training equipment. Stakes indoor with plastic base and poles slalom outdoor with steel tip.


Another essential article in a supply of football equipment is the forca. T-shaped structure in painted steel, with compass, complete with ball. This article is ideal for header training.

Art. F736/1

Trolley for dummies

Art. F736/A

Wall dummies set

Art. F736/R

Packaging of 5 dummies

Art. F736/C

Single trolley for dummy F736/R

Art. F737/2

Training hurdles up to 100 cm

Art. F737/3

Set of 12 hurdles

Art. F749/2

Slalom pole with ferrule

Art. F749/3

Indoor slalom pole with base

Art. F749/P

Set of 48 delimiters

Art. F749/Q

Coaching bibs

Art. F755/1

Header soccer training arc

Art. G389

Mattress dimensions 180x50x0.8 cm

Art. K1221

Football-tennis kit (indoor)

Art. K1220

Football-tennis kit (outdoor)

Art. K859/M

Skimmy board

Art. K859/N

Super Skimmy board

Art. K859/Q

Tartaruga board

Art. K859/O

Medusa board

Art. K859/P

Medusa board with rigid base

Art. F749/I

Double agility speed ladder



Football training: all football equipment for proper training

The football is the team sport most followed and practiced by both young and adults. In this sport it is essential to regularly carry out training football weekly, so as to get to the different competitions prepared and informs.
There are different motor and coordination skills to develop and train, for this reason there will also be different exercises football training to perform. For each exercise the team needs a specific and complete football equipment. Dummies, hurdles gradeable, hurdles classic, poles slalom both for indoor and outdoor exercise, jackets, delimiters and header football arc for the training football to the head.

Online a wide selection of football training equipment. Artisport carefully selects its articles to guarantee the best to its customers, always respecting high quality standards and national regulations regarding football equipment.
Football training allows you to get a complete physical preparation. By training every single part of the body, from the upper and lower limbs. Going to the gym, doing exercise for endurance, completing your football training with stretching for muscle flexibility are all recommended activities for a complete football training.

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