Football benches in alveolar polycarbonate

Football benches for coaches and players

To complete the supply of a football field, you can not miss the football benches for coaches and reserve players. There are many models available for benches that differ in material, but also in size so as to be installed even in small playing fields.
From the football benches with transparent polycarbonate cover to those in polycarbonate. All models are designed for outdoor installation, ensuring protection against corrosion by weather agents such as rain. Here are the models of panchine calcio you can find in the catalog:

  • aluminium benches
  • alveolar polycarbonate benches
  • transparent polycarbonate benches
  • professional benches with padded seats

Art. F751/1

Football bench mt. 1

Art. F751/2

Football bench mt. 2

Art. F751/3

Football bench mt. 3

Art. F751/4

Football bench mt.4

Art. F751/5

Football bench mt. 5

Art. F751/6

Football bench mt. 6

Art. F751/8

Football bench mt. 8

Art. F746/S

Coach bench seat

Art. F746/4

Padded protection for coach bench

Various types of football benches

Polycarbonate polycarbonate football benches: available different models with different lengths, have galvanized steel structure with tubular section, honeycomb polycarbonate cover that allows protection from UV rays and infill with melamine resin panels.
Transparent polycarbonate football benches: also for this model different are the lengths, the transparent polycarbonate cover is slightly thinner, but still shock resistant and protects from UV rays.
Professional football benches: characterized by galvanized steel structure, transparent polycarbonate cover and sides and comfortable upholstered armchairs covered in washable faux leather complete with armrests.
Included with the various models of football benches Artisport, you will find included the ground fixing kit with galvanized steel profiles and PVC chairs available in various colors.
In the same section there will be replacement accessories for football benches: such as PVG shells for the replacement p the addition of seats, but also padded foam rubber protections. Discover all our models of football benches or contact us if you do not find what you need, we will develop a customized quote according to your needs.

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