Mirrors for gyms

Mirrors for gyms: gymnastics and dance

In the furnishing of a gym is essential the insertion and installation of mirrors for gyms professional and that guarantee functionality and safety.
The installation of mirrors for gyms, in addition to an objective functional objective, allow the gym to achieve a more pleasing aesthetic in the eyes of customers. Although the main goal of a gym is training, doing it in a pleasant and well-kept environment makes it pleasant and a source of pride for the structure.
Not only aesthetic side but also functionality. In fact, a gym without mirrors for gym will be incomplete and not very functional, whether it is a tool room or rooms equipped for gymnastics or dance classes.
Mirrors for gyms are indispensable both for autonomous control of movements, so as not to make mistakes in the correct execution of the exercises, and for possible corrections by staff during courses or group workouts.
In our catalog you will find some models of mirrors for gyms to choose according to your needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us for a customized supply.

Art. G400/R

Modular and portable dance mirror

Art. G400/B

Kristall wall mirror

Art. G400

Portable mirror

Mirrors for gyms: here are some models

There are many models, shapes and features of mirrors for gyms, because there are many needs and spaces to furnish.
Do not underestimate the choice of mirrors for gyms. Essential characteristic that any mirror for gym will have to have, is the accident. During a class of gymnastics, dance, aerobics or during a fitness exercise, it may happen to bump into the mirror, if this is not properly protected the consequences may be serious.
Let’s see now the most popular models of mirrors for gyms.
Mirrors for wall gyms: it is the most used model in gyms and training rooms, this for its small footprint and the possibility of customizing the dimensions according to the length of the wall to be covered. These models of wall mirrors, allow a greater visual range in case of courses with a high number of participants.
Mirrors for portable gyms: ideal for activities that require non-consecutive use and at different points of a room. Composed of base and structure in painted steel, nylon wheels and smooth mirror with safety film. This model allows for multiple modules in case you need them.

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