Accessories for aerobics

Aerobic gymnastics: fitness bands for various exercises

The aerobic gymnastics is a very popular sport, especially for women and girls who want to keep fit while having fun to the rhythm of music. But in some cases aerobics also allows postural improvement thanks to specific exercises for all parts of the body.
Among the most used aerobic equipment there are definitely the fitness bands. With or without handles and different intensity allows you to differentiate exercises and effects according to the type of physical result you want to achieve. Fitness bands can be divided into two main groups: circular bands and elastic bands with handles.
The elastics bands, made of rubber, available in different heights, are ideal for performing many exercises with arms, shoulders, legs, even in a home environment. There are different "intensities" of fitness bands for the aerobic gymnastics, so the activities can be carried out gradually from the simplest to the most important.
The fitness bands with handle instead are more professional, are usually used to strengthen and develop the upper muscles of the body, back, shoulders and arms and unlike the elastic bands do not allow to change the resistance.
In the Artisport catalogue you can find many elastic bands for aerobic gymnastics at home or for specialized gyms. If you don’t find what you are looking for contact us for a customized quote.

Art. G1021/1G

Medium elastic tubing with handles

Art. G1021/1B

Violet elastic tubing with handles

Art. G1021/1R

Light elastic tubing with handles

Art. G1021/7

Elastic band ring-shaped

Art. G1021/8

Elastic ring red colour

Art. G1021/9

Elastic ring green colour

Art. G1021/24

Latex elastic band m.25

Art. G1021/25

Latex elastic band m.25

Art. G1021/26

Latex elastic band m.25

Art. G1021/27

Latex elastic band m.25

Art. G1021

Aerobic step

How to choose between fitness bands

The choice between the fitness bands most suitable for the type of exercise you will do, is not trivial at all. Each exercise aims at improving the muscles or posture, for this reason in aerobic gymnastics changes in intensity and therefore toning must be gradual or otherwise studied by a professional.
For this, in case of a beginner we recommend the use of elastic bands from low intensity for the shoulder exercise, arms and back, or for Pilates.
As you increase the resistance you can also increase with the intensity of the elastic bands.
The elastic bands are also ideal for training the lower limbs and buttocks. The use of these aerobic equipment allows a greater intensity of movement and greater results. While for more professional exercises and workouts the elastics fitness with handle are recommended as targeted for certain exercises for upper body muscle development.

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