Equipements for Pilates

Pilates equipment for the gym

The pilates is a type of gymnastics that has spread a lot in recent years. It is a rehabilitative gymnastics and strengthening of the whole body muscles.
There are multiple pilates exercises that require certain pilates tools. In this section you will find all the pilates tools to meet the different needs.
Rubber balls for targeted work on abs and muscles, foam roller for muscle relief, fit-circle for training and muscle development of upper and lower limbs.
For a complete supply of your gym choose from the different pilates equipment that we have available in the catalog. If there is not what you need, contact us for a supply and a custom quote.

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Pilates balance board

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Pilates dome

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Pilates roller in foam

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Soft gym ball

Pilates equipment

Softball: among the most widely used Pilates tools , we certainly find softball, a rubber ball ideal for abdominal muscle development and improvement of endurance and strength.
Balance board and dome: pilates equipment with inflatable half-sphere with or without side elastic bands that are used for balance and concentration improvement exercises.
Foam roller: pilates tools tubular foam, ideal for the treatment of the back both in case of pain in the spine, both in case of special rehabilitations. It can also be used for a muscle massage by rolling it along the entire area to be treated.
Fit-circle: it is a Pilates equipment , with a circular shape, characterized by a diameter ranging from 30 to 40 cm. Placed in two opposite sides we find handles that allow a safer grip during pressure with hands, thighs and ankles during exercise.

What is pilates?

It is a type of gymnastics, aimed at improving posture, movement and muscles. Those who perform pilates, are not only oriented to increase muscle mass but want to increase the tone.
When we talk about pilates, we also refer to a set of exercises for rehabilitation from a particular injury or operation.
Pilates consists of numerous exercises that can be performed through the use of specific pilates tools, or thanks to the use of specific machines.
Pilates is suitable for any person, of any age who wants to take care of their fitness but not only. It allows you to improve your lifestyle, concentration, coordination and balance.
Discover all the pilates tools available in the catalog for your gym. Pilates tools with high quality standards.

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