Stall bar and benches

Stall bars and benches for multi-functional gyms

Very popular exercise equipment for both recreational and medical exercise are, the stall bars and the benches for multi-functional gyms.
The stall bars is an article mainly used for posture correction and muscle strengthening activities. The Swedish wall bars are compact, with reduced thickness, this allows them to be installed on the wall, thus occupying little space. A Swedish stall bars usually measures 170 cm wide and 250 cm long, are regulatory dimensions that therefore must be respected. However, there are models of mini stall bars ideal for the approach to the tool by children or for small environments.
In our catalogue you will find a wide range of stall bars for the supply of your gyms or medical centers. With our Swedish wall bars we try to meet every need, ensuring high quality standards.

Art. G210

Span stall bar

Art. G210/1

Reduced span stall bar

Art. G211

Double span stall bar

Art. G212

Disassembled span stall bars

Art. G213

Stall bars 2 spans

Art. G214

Flat board

Art. G305

Dorsal support

Art. G220

Gymnastics flat bench

Art. G220/1

Gymnastics flat bench mt. 3

Art. G222

Abdominal flat bench

Art. G223

Wooden flat bench

Art. G224

Small benches lenght cm.60

Art. G225

Small wood bench lenght cm.120

Art. G228

Stable bench

How to choose the ideal stall bars

First we have to differentiate between Swedish wall bars flat, the most known and used, or the Swedish wall bars curve, model that allows greater comfort to the spine during various postural exercises.
Subsequently, the different stall bars can be differentiated by the material from which they are made. There are wooden stall bars, certainly the most used, or Steel stall bars. The first, ideal for multi-functional gyms, allow to contain the sweating of the hands thus obtaining a stronger and safer grip. The latter, on the other hand, are ideal for supporting important weights and more difficult exercises.
To choose the perfect stall bars you need to focus on the activities and exercises for which we are considering the purchase of a Swedish wall bars. The price for a stall bars changes according to the chosen model, the quality of the materials and the brand. In the Artisport catalogue you will find a wide selection of stall bars and benches. For any information or request for a quote please contact us.

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