Medical gymnastic

Medical gymnastics equipment

Postural or medical gymnastics is a dedicated physical activity designed for people who need to get active in order to recover muscle tone for physiotherapeutic purposes and to carry out postural or corrective gymnastics.
Medical gymnastics must be performed under the supervision of expert personnel who can recommend exercises suitable for different people based on their needs.
When we talk about postural or medical gymnastics, we understand all those contraction or stretching movements that help the patient with their rehabilitation. In some cases, it is essential to help yourself with the specific equipment for postural gymnastics or medical, on the contrary you would risk not to get the results and benefits hoped for in the established times.
Artisport decided to dedicate part of its catalog to these equipment for postural gymnastics, ensuring wide choice and high quality of materials.

Art. K858/3

Psychomotor ball diam. 45 cm

Art. K858/5

Psychomotor ball diam. 55 cm

Art. K858/6

Psychomotor ball diam. 65 cm

Art. K858/7

Psychomotor ball diam. 75 cm

Art. K858/8

Psychomotor ball diam. 85 cm

Art. K858/9

Psychomotor ball diam. 95 cm

Art. K858/0

Psychomotor ball diam. 120 cm

Art. K858/A

Physio roll ball diam. 55 cm

Art. K858/B

Physio roll ball diam. 70 cm

Art. K858/C

Physio roll ball diam. 85 cm

Art. K858/D

Sensory ball diam. 10 cm

Art. K858/E

Sensory ball diam. 20 cm

Art. K859/F

Proprioceptive board diam. 60 cm

Art. K859/L

Proprioceptive board covered with moquette diam. 60 cm

Art. K859/D

Proprioceptive board dimensions 60x40 cm covered with moquette

Art. K859/G

Proprioceptive board dimensions 60x40 cm

Art. K859/H

Proprioceptive board with crescents dimensions 60x40 cm

Art. K859/I

Proprioceptive board with crescents dimensions 60x40 cm

Art. K859/M

Skimmy Board

Art. K859/N

Super Skimmy board

Art. K859/O

Medusa board

Art. K859/P

Medusa board with rigid base

Art. K859/Q

Tartaruga board

Art. K1207

Elastic rubber ball

Art. K1208


Wide range of medical gymnastics equipment

Many tools offered by Artisport to obtain a complete supply for your gym or your surgery.
Here are some postural gymnastics equipment in our catalog.
Maxi single balls specific for rehabilitation exercises, corrective gymnastics and balance control. Maxi double balls for the development of reflexes and psychomotor reactions, as well as additional exercises of corrective gymnastics. Sensory balls for medical gymnastics and performing specific exercises for the development of tactile perception. Platforms of different shapes and sizes. Equipped with valve that allows you to adjust the air resistance inside. Ideal for recovery and muscle strengthening.

Proprioceptive tablets: postural and rehabilitation gymnastics equipment

One tool that can be used to train and retrain mechanoreceptors in the foot is the balance board, which allows you to perform different types of therapy. It is very useful for the rehabilitation of an ankle after a sprain or to train the balance in the case of an incorrect posture. In our site are available different models of proprioceptive tablets, made of wood and with carpet covering, both round and rectangular.

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