Rugby balls and equipments

Artisport provides all the necessary equipment for a complete supply for rugby fields. Rugby balls, aluminum doors equipped with sockets to be buried and the relative safety protections for the poles, made of waterproof and durable fabric.
In our catalog you can find official rugby balls, strictly Made in Italy that guarantee quality and durability over time.
For a complete and quality set up for your rugby field contact us and request a personalized quote.

Art. M990/1

Rugby goals

Art. M991/1

Kit protection for rygby goals

Art. M991

Rugby ball

Rugby balls, which to choose

Not all rugby balls are the same. Each solution may differ in size, weight and material. For this reason, depending on the use to be made of it, you can go to a specific type of balloons.
Amateur rugby balls: In case the ball is used in leisure time or especially as children, for learning the first movements, plastic and foam rugby balls are the most suitable.
Rugby balls for training or match: in these situations you need a strong ball but at the same time performing. In training balls strength prevails, so the primary need is to last for the entire season. In rugby balls from the game, the priority must be given to the balance of the ball, thus allowing greater precision in the trajectories.

A team sport loved around the world

Rugby is a team sport with two main variants: rugby union, which features 15 players per team, and rugby league, which has 13. In addition to the number of players per team, the two also differ in terms of their rules,being therefore considered, two different disciplines.
Rugby union is played all over the world, especially in the United Kingdom and all its former colonies, in France, in Italy and in South America.

Since ancient times, countless variants of a "ball game" have been played. Legend has it that a student from the town of Rugby once picked up the ball during a game of football and started running towards the touchline, where he slammed the ball down. Onlookers were so intrigued that they developed this one-off into a sport of its own.
In most countries, rugby was once considered a sport for aristocrats and was mainly played by upper-class boys. Since the 1990s, it has become a major professional sport enjoyed and followed all over the world.

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