Manual basketball facility overhang 230 cm
  • Manual basketball facility overhang 230 cm

Manual basketball facility overhang 230 cm

Manual basketball facility overhang 230 cm,TÜV approved according with UNI EN 1270.


Manual hydraulic basketball system, 230 cm overhang, consisting of heavy base in tubular section 100x50 mm dimensions 200x120 cm, front vertical upright in tubular 150x100 suitably braced, rear support upright in tubular 80x40 mm, support arm of the backboard in tubular rectangular section 150x100 mm. The system is supplied as standard with 12 mm thick tempered glass backboards with safety film, under-basket protections, reclining baskets and nets. Front protections in plywood with foam rubber padding and washable PVC coating according to current regulations, arm protection up to 120 cm on the back of the backboard. The hydraulic lifting / lowering system of the structure consists of a hydraulic piston diameter 60, manual pump with aluminum tank equipped with a removable rod, non-return valve mounted directly on the piston. The plant is equipped with 2 swiveling front wheels and 2 fixed transpallet rollers on the rear for transport. Ballast included. BASKETBALL SYSTEM CERTIFIED IN ACCORDANCE WITH UNI EN 1270. Useful space for accommodation in the gym 395 cm from the endline

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