High jump

High jump, training equipment and accessories

The high jump is a discipline of athletics practiced both at the female and at the male level. Sport from ancient origins, the high jump is still one of the most followed disciplines at national and international level. The equipment needed for the training of the high jump is not much, but essential are quality and certification of the same. Artisport in its catalog offers a complete range for the high jump. You can find: pairs of homologated standings, limit crossbar in steel or aluminum and mattresses for the hight jump in different sizes.

What is the test of high jump? The exercise is passed only when the athlete succeeds, making a jump and detaching from the ground with a single foot, to pass the crossbar positioned at a certain height. To increase the difficulty and win important prizes, the goal is to increase the height of the crossbar, usually 2, 3 or 5 cm, and pass it without ever dropping or touching it with a body part. At the third error the athlete is eliminated.

Art. A470

Pair of standing high jump height cm.250

Art. A473

Pair of standing high jump I.A.A.F. Approved

Art. A474

Pair of uprights quadrangular section

Art. A480

Steel limit crossbar

Art. A482

Aluminium limit crossbar

Art. A483

Fibreglass limit crossbar IAAF approved

Art. A483/2

Polyethylene foam rod limit signs

Art. A485

Jump tester m. 3

Art. A486

High jump landing maesures cm.600x300x60

Art. A487

High jump landing measures cm.600x350x60

Art. A486/A1

mattress for high jump measures cm.400x200x40

Art. A486/BT

mattress for high jump measures cm.400x200x45

Art. A486/C

High jump landing pit dim.cm.400x200x50

Art. A488/1

Platform Support for mattress

Standings and crossbar for the hight jump

Not all equipment for the high jump is the same, numerous materials are used to meet the different needs of the athlete.
Let’s start from the standings, basic and fundamental structure for the practice of this sport. In the catalogue we have steel standings with T-base for greater stability, or aluminium uprights with telescopic adjustment system, IAAF approved. In some models we have wheels for greater flexibility and ease of transport.
To complete the equipment is essential to choose the crossbar for the high jump. You can choose between steel, aluminum, fiberglass approved IAAF or soft expanded polyethylene crossbar.

Accessories for high jump

Not only standings, crossbar and mattresses, but in the Artisport catalog you will also find numerous accessories to complete your supply. Meters for jump up to 3 meters at direct reading and complete with bag. Galvanized steel platform, for greater mattress support and greater safety.
If you are looking for a complete equipment for the high jump, contact us and together we will find the perfect solution to your needs.

High jump technique: here are the most used

The high jump is a very ancient discipline whose origins date back to ancient Greece. Since then many things have changed. First the jump equipment and accessories in other, qualitatively more advanced and secondly the high jump technique, which has seen expand modes and uses.
Initially for the jump in the top technique most used was the ventral one or the one in the scissor. Over time, however, it has been seen that both these techniques did not allow the achievement of high heights.
For this reason, today, the most used high jump technique is the Fosbury jump. The characteristic that makes it the most used high jump technique is that movement, which allows to pass the rod, to buckle the back and landing on the shoulders that allows in this way the achievement of important heights.
The technique of the biciata allows you to jump the rod with a scissor movement of the legs, technique higher jump simpler but limited as we said earlier.
The last but not least is the ventral technique, during which the pole jump, the belly will be parallel to the rod. Simpler technique and with more control of the body, for this reason used to bring young people to this discipline.

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