Long jump

Equipment for the long jump

The long jump is a discipline of athletics that does not require special equipment. It is part of the category of "jumps in extension", and in this sport the very complex technique plays a fundamental role. Four different phases, each of them requires knowledge, proper execution and coordination of the movement of the various parts of the body. This is why it is important to be aware of your body and to be able to manage it in the various phases of the jump.
The long jump equipment mainly serves to indicate the beginning or the end of certain areas, such as the detachment, or ensures the care and maintenance of the area affected by the jump.

So let’s see all you need for a proper supply for the long jump.
Any self-respecting long jump platform should have a check mark. This element is used to indicate the end of the race and then the point where there must be the detachment for the jump and elevation. Each axis, to ensure stability and safety, must be inserted on a special galvanized steel box which will be cemented to the floor. Then, thanks to a steel mouldl with sand tiles, you can easily proceed to the detection of the athlete’s footprint. Last but not least, in our catalog you can find the rake for long jump, designed to smooth the sand, thus preparing the ground for the next athlete in the race.

Art. A510

Long and triple jump check mark

Art. A516

Steel mould for long jum

Art. A517

Box for long jump

Art. A513

Maintenance rake to levels sand

Stages of the long jump and some history

The long jump is one of the oldest sports of athletics, whose origins date back to the Olympic Games of ancient Greece. The rules, however, have undergone great variations in order to be able to speak of leap in long as we understand it today. This sport is based on completely different speeds and body dynamics.
There are four phases of the long jump:
Chasing: at this stage, the athlete tries to accumulate as much energy as possible to be exploited in the jump, the speed will be gradual
Detachment: at the end of the stroke, the last 3 supports must be quick, the last support must not exceed the stop axis
Flight: there are several techniques for this phase, the main objective will be to maintain balance at ground contact.
Landing: very important phase in which the body will have to unbalance itself forward thus avoiding falls backwards that would cause losses of important centimeters in the measurement of the jump.

Artisport, years of experience in sports equipment

Artisport, has over thirty years of experience in the production and supply of sports equipment for athletics. Long Jump, High Jump, Javelin Throw, Obstacle Jump, are just some of the sports we deal with.
Quality of materials and professional staff have allowed us to achieve high quality standards, with the achievement of numerous certifications for some of our plants and items for sale.
If you are looking for professional equipment for your environments, multi-functional gyms, palazzetti or stadiums, contact us, we will surely find the ideal solution for your needs.

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