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Artistic gymnastics mattresses, judo tatami and other sports mattresses

In our catalog you will find a wide choice of sports mattresses to meet different needs. Artistic gymnastics mattresses, gym mattresses, tatami judo or tatami karate. Ideal for the performance of free body exercises, or used for the safety of any areas in certain disciplines, such as, horse, parallel, high jump, etc.
All our sports mattresses, are available in different sizes, also made to measure on request, and are made using quality materials thus obtaining the latest equipment and durable over time. Depending on the requirement, some gym mattresses are equipped with hinged opening and carrying handles. Our artistic gymnastics mattresses are made with polyurethane foam padding and coated with colored pvc. The coating of the sports mattresses is anti-mould, antibacterial and fire retardant class 2 therefore hardly flammable.
We also have spare covers for sports mattresses in different sizes available on request, with non-slip or classic base.

Art. G350/1

Rubber mattress cm. 200 x 100 x 5 h.

Art. G351/1

Rubber mattress cm. 200 x 100 x 10 h.

Art. G352/1

Rubber mattress cm. 200 x 100 x 20 h.

Art. G353/1

Rubber mattress cm. 200 x 100 x 30 h.

Art. G354/1

Rubber mattress cm. 200 x 100 x 40 h.

Art. G355/1

Rubber mattress cm. 200 x 100 x 50 h.

Art. G355/3

Mattress dimensions cm.400x200x40, 45°cut

Art. G355/4

mattress dimensions cm.400x200x50 cut 45°

Art. G355/5

Gymnastics mattress cm. 300 x 200 x 50 h.

Art. G355/6

Gymnastics mattress cm. 300 x 200 x 40 h.

Art. G350/2

Mattress dimensions cm.200x100x5 with non-slip bottom

Art. G351/2

Mattress dimensions cm.200x100x10 with non-slip bottom

Art. G352/2

Mattress dimensions cm.200x100x20 with non-slip bottom

Art. G353/2

Mattress dimensions cm.200x100x30 with non-slip bottom

Art. G354/2

Mattress dimensions cm.200x100x40 with non-slip bottom

Art. G355/2

Mattress dimensions cm.200x100x50 with non-slip bottom

Art. G356

Mattress with sizes on request

Art. G366/1

Mattress cover with non-slip botton dimensions on request

Art. G366/2

Mattress cover,dimensions on request

Art. G395

trolley mattresses transport

Art. G142

Gymnastics track

Art. G380.1

Gym mat k 14 dimensions cm.200x100x3

Art. G381.1

Gym mat k 16 dimensions cm.200x100x4

Art. G382.1

Gym mat k 20 dimensions cm.200x100x5

Art. G383.1

Gym mat k 24 dimensions cm.200x100x6

Art. G370

Judo tatami

Art. G373/1

Tatami Karate

Art. G387

Gymnastics mat with non-slip bottom dimensions cm.200x100x5

Art. G388

Gymnastics mat dimension cm.200x100x5

Art. G389

Multipurpose gym mat dimensions cm.180x50x0,8h.

Art. G391

Folding gym mat dimensions cm.180x50x0,8h.

Art. G394

Folding gym mat dimensions cm.175x 60 x 3 h.

Multifunctional gym and school mattresses

Our sports mattresses are not only suitable for competitive athletic training, but are ideal for providing the correct equipment for multi-functional gyms of primary and high schools. In fact, in addition to the classic artistic gymnastics mattresses, we provide different models of folding gym mattresses, multipurpose mats, book mats and Gym Mat of various sizes.

Tatami judo and other combat sports

Not only artistic gymnastics mattresses, but also tatami judo and tatami karate or for other combat sports. The tatami judo is a mat that allows you to cushion the blows and preserve the joints in case of falls during competitions and judo or karate training. Important when buying a tatami judo consider, thickness and size. Normally the thickness of a judo tatami can vary from 2 to 4 cm to reach up to 6 cm allowing a greater absorption of the blows. As for the size depends on the surface that will have to cover, there are standard measures but in most cases they prefer tatami judo "a puzzle" with a special system of hook that allows the simple removal when finished the exercises.
Our judo tatami are made of cross-linked and expanded polyethylene with a special attachment system on all four sides. Reversible, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, our tatami ensure quality and durability over time.

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