Wall bars and ladders

Swedish wall bars and orthopedic ladder for gymnastic

Two tools certainly used a lot in gymnastics and physical education at school and not only, are the swedish wall bars and the orthopedic scale.
The swedish wall bars is a great tool, generally made of wood composed by the interweaving of a series of vertical and horizontal axes that form a chessboard, in technical jargon "campata". In the catalog, Artisport, has a wide range of Swedish paintings of different sizes. swedish wall bars with 16, 24 or 36 holes, fixed or oscillating, to meet the different needs of our customers.
On the other hand, the orthopedic scale is used a lot to perform exercises and rehabilitations in medical gymnastics. Also this type of staircase is mainly made of wood, but with uprights, wall base and painted steel frame, for greater stability. The orthopedic ladder is suitable for both adults and children.
In our catalog you can find many models of orthopedic scale: straight, curves or reclining.

Art. G340

Wall bars 16 squares

Art. G341

Wall bars 24 squares

Art. G342

Wall bars 36 squares

Art. G190

Portable horizontal ladder

Art. G191

Wall horizontal ladder

Art. G192

Orthopaedic curved ladder

Art. G193

Orthopaedic straight ladder

Art. G200

Tilting orthopedic straight ladder

Art. G201

Tilting orthopaedic curved ladder

Swedish wall bars exercises: endurance, flexibility and coordination

The swedish wall bars is a tool that can never be missing in physical education hours or more generally in a multi-gym. There are numerous swedish wall bars exercises for the development or strengthening of numerous skills.

Resistance: only the rise or fall from a swedish wall bars can acquire or improve the resistance of arms and legs. Simple exercises could be more complex when you go to work on a swedish wall bars detached from the wall, which oscillates creates instability and allows the improvement of flexibility and balance.
Coordination: some exercises can be performed at the same time by several people for this work on the swedish wall bars basic exercises, such as climbing vertically or obliquely crossing, you also improve coordination and rhythm.

Orthopaedic ladder for medical and corrective gymnastics

The orthopedic ladder is mainly used for numerous exercises medical gymnastics, rehabilitation and corrective. It is indicated for example for the correction of some problems in the spine, such as scoliosis. In our catalog you can find orthopedic ladder with different shapes and characteristics, thus responding to the different needs of use.

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