Locker room accessories

Changing room furniture: all accessories

When we talk about dressing furniture especially for gyms and sports fields, in addition to the choice of closets, benches and other structures is indispensable to equip these environments with the correct accessories changing rooms.
For this reason Artisport, thus completing its offer, provides a wide range of accessories for changing rooms to ensure comfort, safety and compliance with all current health regulations.
Mirrors, towel dispensers, automatic towels, soap dish, hairdryer, footrests and shower mats. All of these locker accessories are essential for a complete supply and to ensure greater comfort to all athletes who will need it.
Also for the accessories changing room there are regulations to protect the safety and health of the athlete.
For example, the number of hair dryers must be at least equal to the number of showers present. Same reasoning for hangers. The number of which must correspond at least to the maximum number of athletes that the dressing room may contain. As for the showers, particular attention must be paid to the flooring, which must be non-slip, and made of materials that do not lead to the formation of mold.
Contact us for a customized quote to complete the changing rooms of the sports facility concerned.

Art. K845

Table for dressing-room size 96x58x76h cm

Art. S881

Plastic anti-slip shower grid size 58x58 cm

Art. S883/V

Modular plastic grid 50x50 cm green

Art. S883/R

Modular plastic grid 50x50 cm red

Art. S883/B

Modular plastic grid 50x50 cm blue

Art. S893

Electrical and dryer

Art. S880

Footrest on wood 2 m

Art. S881/1

Footrest on wood 1 m

Art. S893/1

Electrical hair dryer with flexible tube

Art. S894

Electrical hair dryer

Art. S894/1

Paper towel dispenser

Art. S894/2

Soap dispenser

Art. S896/1

Wall mirror dimensions 50x60 cm

Art. S896.01

Wall mirror diameter 60 cm without frame

Art. S896/2

Wall mirror for disabled people

Art. S895

Waste-paper basket

Art. S897/1

Toilet paper holder

Art. S897

Toilet brush

Art. S894/3

Toilet paper holder

Art. S897/3

Shower corner in white plastic

Art. S897/2

Soap dish for shower

Art. S822

Umbrella stand

Art. S875

Hall stand lenght 2 m

Art. S875/1

Hall stand lenght 1 m

Changing room accessories: description in brief

Mirrors for dressing rooms: mirrors are essential inside a dressing room. Before or after training, a look in the mirror is always done. In the catalog you will find different models of round, square or rectangular mirrors, with or without frame to be able to adapt to any furniture changing rooms.
Shower trellis: one of the most important changing room accessories made of plastic material, available in different colors allows greater safety during the shower. The non-slip plastic material prevents any sagging and injuries, while the rise that is created with the shower tray allows water to flow and not stop causing stagnation and mold.
Footrests: made of varnished wood, they allow you not to put your foot directly on the ground, hygienically not in compliance with the regulations. The wood must be strong enough to support the weight of one or more athletes and thanks to the painting treatment will be waterproof and protected from vapors and moisture that could reduce the maintenance.
To complete the furniture changing rooms there are: hair dryer with or without hose, soap holder to be placed near the sinks in this way the product will not be wasted ensuring the use in the right quantity, towels automatic with sensor or disposable towel dispensers and all the essential accessories for the toilet.

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